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I have come to the conclusion my DS school are losing the plot

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hoxtonbabe Tue 30-Oct-12 20:10:34

So to date:

June: DS working at level 5 and 6 across the board at the end of KS3, except Maths which is a level 4 (no change since year 6). Made 3 levels, yes 3 levels of progress in English between Y7 and the end of Y9 and all this from a child with complex, not severe but complex language impairments.... progress that would make any parent think "why does he need a statement" yet he needed to drop 2 of his options to do a life skills ASDAN course and was forced to do so by the school without any consultation with myself or DS and going totally against the SENCOP...wrote to them about this and was ignored

Sept: Appeal hearing, senco states DS making excellent progress, top of his set, has LSA in his class, the class that only consists of 8 boys. I raise the fact that the teacher assessment grades do not match up to what his bi yearly exams produce, school take major offence to this. Senco, when asked tells panel all her LSA are trained and experienced. I have since gone on to find a LSA vacancy ad, and the ad actually states applicants do not have to have school experience!! The closing date was on the day of my hearing so the ad must have been there some weeks earlier, yet senco said infront of judge all their LSA have experience

September/Oct: DS gets detentions masked as work support sessions for not getting the schools desired grades, tell DS to stay behind after school, when I ask why and what exactly it is he has done, I get a nice dressing down from deputy head and at one point the head himself, telling me it is policy, that is not actually written anywhere. The issue causes DS to run away from school, DS tells Deputy Head that the situation is stressing him, deputy decides to write a letter saying it is my actions that has casued my son to run away and they "went against their usual rules surrounding trunancy" and chose not to punish my DS.

October: Receive a letter from head of Science teacher simply stating the school have decided my DS will no longer follow the AQA science and will now be doing the foundation tier paper for explaination why, just two lines saying the above. Once again, the school have not acted in accordance with the SENCOP, they have decided what is best for DS without actaully discussing it with him, but moreover, trying to put support in place..Maybe if they supported him, he may actually do ok, rather than simply getting him to sit a lower level paper.

He has not had an IEP since he went back in Sept, but what is interesting here is that my DS was ( according to the school ) progressing at a good rate, meeting the expected levels and all, and 4 weeks after the appeal hearing the school are now saying he can not do the papers that one would expect of a child working at a level 5/6. He has not had any assessments or exams that I know of, that could warrant such a drastic change of opinion in only 4/5 weeks and find it wonderful that thay have in effect lead the panel to believe that he is working at a higher level than he actually is....Which is what I have been saying all along!

I cant be bothered with them anymore...I will just leave them to keep shooting themselves in the foot....39 days since hearing...i hope the decision is sitting on the solicitors desk in the morning.

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 30-Oct-12 20:14:24

Can't believe they are making you wait this long. Can you phone the office? Perhaps there has been a sickness affecting the timeframes?

marjproops Tue 30-Oct-12 20:17:20

ive got to the point where Im home schooling now, working at DCs level, NOT the curriculum for her age, and she's coping much better. last borough we lived in ed panel and Dcs last school gave me HELL about DC and types of school/ startegies/ key stages, p levels, etc etc.

Where we live now Ed panel are brilliant, and fully support my decision and see it works out best for us. I'm now Dc's senco and can work things out MUCH better. Im a teacher anyway and enjoying 'getting back to work' too, not just a fulltime carer.

might not work for everyone but it really has saved me a LOT of stress (suffered a nervous breakdown cos of last lot ed panel) and DC's MUCH calmer and coping brilliantly.

wish Id have known I could do this years ago.

bochead Tue 30-Oct-12 20:33:57

InterlinkHigh. It's an online school that's really caught my eye. There is also Britestar but that impresses me less (may suit other people's kids better though).

I just think there comes a point where you are running out of years to sort it out before the "system" totally screws up a child's life to beyond the point of no return even IF you win Tribunals etc just cos the process takes soooo damn long. Over a certain age kids internalise failure to become a self-fufilling prophecy.

I know for a fact I'll home ed before I'll let Years 10 & 11 be messed up for my own child. Once they have the requisiste GCSE's to gain admittance to the college course that allows them to follow their dreams life becomes bearable again. If school/the system show no signs of seeing the light in time for this to happen then I honestly think online homeschool is a route you should take a look at. My sibling was told she'd never get a piece of paper worth having - she's a graduate nowadays lol!

hoxtonbabe Tue 30-Oct-12 20:44:23

Starlight: I called last week, and the darlington office said they are chasing, its more the fact they are not explaining why it is taking so long that is pis*ing me off. Then will be super peeved if the decision it to keep him at this crazy school as that really is not an option, second time now where they have made a major educational decision for my son and not actually told or discussed it with him.

Marj: I wish i could homeschool, will be the blind leading the blind, teehee. Problem though is the hell my LA will give if I was to home school and try to maintan the statement

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