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Diagnosing ADHD/ADD

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Courts010 Tue 30-Oct-12 06:23:04

What is the situation for Diagnosing ADHD/ADD in the St Helens area? Is it Community Paed or camhs?

Years ago, my son (9) was under the Community Paediatrician as he was showing signs of this. Both myself and the school had similar issues, but the aggressiveness mainly stayed at home. However, after a 5 minute chat with my son (who sat on his hands), and no observations in school, they decided there was no concerns and they discharged him and suggested a parenting course for me !!!!

In school he is always in trouble for being fidgety, can't concentrate, keeps fiddling with things - to the point he's being punished for it. sad Now, I'm all for punishing him when he's being genuinely naughty in class, but, how can they punish him for things he can't help.

The teacher and my son sat down together (I wasn't present) and did an iep and it's got a target of only getting X amount of warning cards before the end of this half term, before christmas. He's already gone past that! (unless he thought the target was a good thing, I don't understand how they were built up so quick).

The school give the impression they have done lots of good things for him but i'm concerned it's just papering over the cracks.

What would you do?

MadameSin Sun 04-Nov-12 18:00:14

Not from your area, but wanted to answer as you'd had no replies .... You don't need the school to get you son assessed by whoever does it in your area. I'm in Surrey and come under a devt paed at local hospital. I asked my GP to refer us directly. The school only came into the mix when they had to complete forms to assist with any possible dx. The fact he has an IEP for behaviour is a warning sign. Your son does not need to go to the GP with you (mind didn't) and I'd ask for a doubt appointment as you'll be chatting for a while. Take a list of everything you're concerned about along with school reports, the fact he's on an IEP etc etc. Good luck! smile

crazygal Sun 04-Nov-12 19:42:03

My 1st appointment like yours,thrown out! i was discharged,but our problems continued,i took us back to the GP and demanded a referral...
the GP did this,and while i waited i done diaries,got the school to give me anything they could in writhing and it all came together,hes got his dx now,its no something we wanted of course,but its helped a bit at school,he gets that extra 1-1 help and guidance
I think the fact that your ds has an iep indicates there is a problem,so that might help you get to see that pead,

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