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anyone else filling in dla form for first time at the moment?

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Firawla Mon 29-Oct-12 20:25:01

I am starting the form for my ds just recently diagnosed with asd and dcd, finding it a bit overwhelming and confusing in places so I thought if any one else is doing it too at least we might be able to help each other understand it a bit.

So far I've just gone through it and made notes separately for each question but I'm a bit confused about some things,
for eg as he is under 3 years shall I still fill in the mobility or not? he will be 3 years soon so is it better to just write it anyway? (i dont think he would get higher rate mobility anyway?? he can walk, does have difficulties but still can walk)
The school/ nursery qs, he is not in yet but will be in january so do I write details of where he is going or just leave it blank?
When did needs start do i just put from birth??

im also quite confused on the therapy question, where it asks you how much therapy they get and how often etc. because the amount he is getting and the amount he actually needs is not the same (im really unhappy with lack of slt etc he has got so far) - however, i do do stuff with him at home of course,but can i write that and how would i write it? portage were mentioning that i can put about how i have to spend more time and effort teaching him everything but not sure where I write this.
im just worried about that if i write how little slt he gets it will look as though he does not need much help whereas he is in reality not really verbal at all and desperately needs so much more than what he is getting.
he is also suposed to be having ot, but not got it yet so again cant really even write it??

portage will help me check it over but I want to get as much as I can drafted first but just finding it a bit difficult confused
im not good at forms at the best of times but just dont want to screw this one up and then ds ends up missing out
so would be nice to have some company on the thread if anyone is in same boat

mycarscallednev Fri 23-Nov-12 10:41:02

Yes we ask now too - or stand and just give them 'the look' - so that even if they don't move they're not exactly 'comfortable' on their journey!
A bit like when you ask someone without a blue badge - to shift it out of the disabled parking bay....

mycarscallednev Fri 23-Nov-12 10:43:23

Fir - yes it is, but it shows how bloody wrong they can be, and why everyone doing this form needs support from someone who knows how the system works. It makes me so cross - so I'm determined to get everyone to know that the first decsion ins't always the right one!

Firawla Fri 23-Nov-12 13:48:20

yeah I am defo gonna appeal mine if they reject it, or give him lower rate

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