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for those who's kids have never bothered or played with toys.........

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devientenigma Mon 29-Oct-12 18:04:04

.........and the child has severe learning disabilities and developmental delay with or without ASD was there ever a time in your child's life when you thought they had passed the stage of ever being interested, or did they ever just start?

SallyBear Mon 29-Oct-12 18:14:27

DS4 who is 5 still does not play with toys the "right way", the way they were intended to play with by the manufacturers. But he seems to enjoy himself....
Yesterday he busied himself in the garden with a plastic toy shopping basket, filling it up with smooth pebbles from underneath the garden bench. Then he proceeded to cart the heavy basket and post the stones down the slide before refilling the basket and dragging it back to the bench area. He likes posting things out the letterbox onto the front door step or shoving sheets of newspaper into a large earthenware pot by the fireplace.

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