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Help Please - Hemispheres or David Mulhall Centre

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Ruggles Mon 29-Oct-12 15:08:18

I would really appreciate any help / thoughts / advice / experiences / rumours or anything else on choosing a clinic. DS1 is 4 and nursery are having problems with him - low concentration, poor attention span, lack of interest in drawing / pencil work, won't sit still. I'm really interested in the reflex's treatments as everything I have read seems to ring bells and sound very familiar. We're keen to start asap so that we can help prepare DS for starting in Reception next year. Hemipsheres and David Mulahll Centre are both 90 mins drive away and I like the look of both. Have an appointment with Hemispheres in 3 weeks and wondering if we should see DMC as well as they seem to do brushing too.. We really want to get going with the right clinic.

Thank you ;))

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