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My son is going away all week with Barnardos..:/

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He'll be ok won't he?!
Having never seen a SW since he got Direct Payments at 7 years old , we got a one and she popped up this year to review his payments, and then a week later she rang to offer him a PGL holiday this half term (using his DPs)

He said he would like to go, and as he is very much stuck at home with me in the holidays it seemed a nice idea. But it's tomorrow and I',m wobbling now!

What if they don't make sure he is dressed properly, or has his meds, or they don't realise that behind his obsessional chat he doesn't understand a lot of stuff...

I know I need to get a grip. He's 15 but in reality he's about 6...sad

coff33pot Mon 29-Oct-12 01:36:53

awww get a grip smile

He will be fine and he will enjoy it. We spend our days thinking "what ifs" and a lot of the time we stop short of letting them happen by deciding against going or doing something.

These people are trained to take care of children or they wouldnt still be operating smile

If it makes you feel better you can type out a letter of potential concerns you see might arise and how to combat them.

Mention meds are extremely important and explain some characteristics of your sons SN.

If you put them in the picture then there will be double security that he will be ok.

Have the break! Hes going to have a whale of a time! x

Strongecoffeeismydrug Mon 29-Oct-12 07:36:38

I have to agree with coff, he will be fine so enjoy the peace and quiet smile (I would be wobbling too,but that's just part of being a mum).

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