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CAMHS - Second appointment - what can I expect?

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brightstar200 Sun 28-Oct-12 21:17:09

Can anyone please help?

We had our first appointment with CAMHS in July. I was advised by the child Psychiatrist that it was likely that BS has ADHD and I was sent away with information and a couple of contacts for support groups.

We have since had an NHS Occupational Therapist go into school to observe BS. At the end of the day she advised the SENCO that she believed BS only had behavioral problems. We have been told so many things over time, I am really not sure what to believe any more.

After the OT visit, the CAMHS appointment was bought forward. Can anyone please advise what happens on the second visit? Will BS go through more selective tests to confirm ADHD? I am going with his father, who does not believe BS has any severe problems, so it would be good to know to get a feel of what will happen next, before we go in. Any questions I need to ask etc?

Any advice you can give would be gratefully received.


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