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Need ideas for sensory stimulation please

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Hi, dd(4) has ASD and whilst waiting for an OT, and because its half term, I need some ideas as to what sensory stimulation I can create for her.

She's currently sat in a tiny toybox (pressure seeking?) but need to find stuff she can do so she doesn't go looking for it.

Now I know we can do jelly, cold spaghetti, but what else?

Does anybody know the recipe for the liquid/solid flour mix in a shallow tray? (The one where they can draw patterns in it, but it brushes off when dry)

Or any thing else I can try on a budget

Thank you. grin

somewheresomehow Sun 28-Oct-12 15:14:22

i think you may be on about 'gloop' which is a mix of cornflour and water (like custard powder) you can make it so that it will pour but you try and bodge things in it and it feels hard.
does she like things that rattle ? you could try dry rice or small pasta shapes in an old pop bottle with top screwed or taped on tight to shake. water and food colouring and small amount of glitter or beads in a bottle like a snow globe.
different textures like soft fabic or new pan scrubbers which have a sponge on one side and a rough side.

Firsttimer7259 Sun 28-Oct-12 15:24:19

Apols if these are too basic. My girl still [puts everything in her mouth so we use edicble things: rice crispies, cornflakes (big vat full and bury toys/cutlery), cream from a spray can on a tray for smooshing, those crinkly tin foil emergency blankets (from outdoor shop), kitchen utensils, sitting in the laundry basket, or on big pile of laundry/cushions, washing up bowl with foam, pine cones, sand/sugar, feather boa, pom poms. We stretch it by using containers made of different materials - oven tray, plastic tray etc then things make different sounds.

firsttimer also a put in mouth girl here. Sounds just what I'm after. Hadn't thought to hide things in cereals. Emergency blanket sounds good. May have to invest in one of those. Ooh I know where I can find some pinecones...

somewhere yeah that's the stuff gloop is it a try it and see recipe? different fabrics sound good. I will see if my local fabric shop can spare some textured odds and ends.

zzzzz Sun 28-Oct-12 15:42:13

torch dark room, kaleidoscope, binoculars, prisms, mirrors, magnifying glass, coloured glass plastic

Spices in jars, bottles with water and smelly stuff (vinegar, scent, lemon etc)

Sand, mud, jelly, lentils, play dough, fabric,

Rattles, bells, strings, blowing bottles, stick and washboard, whistles...make up games whistle = jump, bell = sit down

4 bowls and spoons fill 3 bowls with hot, tepid and cold water, use 4th to mix.
Paint ice cubes

Matching tastes with blindfold on
Sorting into sweet, sour etc.

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