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Half term What is everyone doing?

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2006hildy Sat 27-Oct-12 13:25:47

We will be visiting the opticians.

Swimming lesson which he now hates by clinging onto me for dear life which he used to love swimming. Now that it is a lesson doesn't like it.

Going to SNAP playscheme - (Herts) he absolutely loves it there.

DS1 going to Mad Science he absolutely loves it there.
Birthday party DS2 will not be going as does not like it.

What shall I do with myself for six hours in St Albans free?

NAS coffee morning we are shunned in NT world but always welcome in ASD world so nice social.

Trick or treating.

If the weather is nice tour the playparks there are two award winning ones round here.

Mead Open Farm but will have to leave if too busy.

MaryZcary Sat 27-Oct-12 13:29:59

I will be hiding under the duvet and avoiding ds1 who is in a foul mood having been told to clear his pit bedroom.

I will also be hiding from ds2 who is facing into an ADHD diagnosis, and has exams next week which are always a struggle.

dd is NT, and is just being vaguely unpleasant, so more hiding, along with handing out large sums of money and arguing about curfews.

Fecking teenagers. Oh dear.

Your plans sound rather fun smile I used to love going trick or treating with mine when they were little.

2006hildy Sat 27-Oct-12 13:43:02

I will be hiding under duvet too from the mess the pair of them create. Then improve my mood with a bit of computer and then clear up mess periodically to avoid mood spiralling downward out of control.

I don't like half terms. I find them really hard so have had to find activities to do for the sake of all of us.

ASD son has already scattered all the brio but has at least built some perfect construction as well.

devientenigma Sat 27-Oct-12 13:53:13

well saying we always live in a mess with DS at home all the time, I get holiday help which means I have 3 free afternoons, one of them being my birthday!! So I think I will be having that one with my DD, my friend and her DD while DS is at home with carer. I am also doing a days xmas shopping while DS is cared for. We are also going to try taking DS to a drive in movie (hoping he copes as he is fine in the house or car) as well as attempting the door knockers a second year in a row (usually put up a sign, do not knock DS is anxious) but this year he will be dressed up !! (usually naked) have been pluging it all year lolgrin

2006hildy Sat 27-Oct-12 14:02:22

Yes trying for a Social Assessment for direct debits for a carer for DS2 too. If Social Services were a business they would go under - they are sooooo slow.

Drive in things, I wish there were more of them. It would make life so much easier with DS2. Are there any near HP23 apart from Mc Donalds?

Naked - yes I wish DS2 would get cold and put some clothes on.

coff33pot Sat 27-Oct-12 14:19:43

Currently still in dressing gown being an utter slob. Then thinking of designing my own Xmas selection parcels for Xmas to sell in shop. ds is involved in that as the sweet Forman lol deciding what goes in each Xmas mug smile

Have a orienteering, team building day planned for ds with aiming high. They arranged inclusion support so hopefully he will have great fun!

MN meet up in SW looking forward to so ds is excited about the train journey and the fact there is a tv in the train seat! Not that he is going to meet people at the other end just the train bit and the train trip back haha! Oh and if there is food involved.

other than that everything else has to work out between work and weather smile

troutsprout Sat 27-Oct-12 14:20:22

Half term THIS week for us.
I had a back op on Wednesday ( home yesterday) so I am hobbling around and laying down a lot whilst trying to motivate/ encourage/ bribe ds ( 15 asd) to revise for his gcse maths module. My tactics arent working too well atm... im not on form .I'm thinking his grade is gonna take a hit... He's probably had a lot less support at home recently .

troutsprout Sat 27-Oct-12 14:23:36

Christmas name early this year for me btw. I'm desperately trying to conjure up some Christmas mojo. Lost it a few years back. Also I'm lying down a lot and its actually very boring grin
<< thinks about lovely Xmas things>>

1950sThrowback Sat 27-Oct-12 15:01:44

2006 - I know what I'd do in st albans - or at least what I used to love when we lived there (though this was 15 years ago). Back then there were loads of city types living there who had more money than sense - and who used to off load anything that was "last season" to charity shops - I used to dress really well back then thanks to the wonderful finds...

currently I am sitting here hatching a plan re school and ds behaviour...but won't hijack this thread with it. I may be posting later as no doubt when I think it through it won't be quite as simple as I think...

PolterGoose Sat 27-Oct-12 16:06:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pixel Sat 27-Oct-12 19:08:22

I've already got the traumatic haircut out of the way today so that's ok. Whenever I take ds to the hairdresser's there is always a woman in there who asks if he wants a balloon (he doesn't) which is really odd. Either she is stalking us or she spends a lot of time there! At some point we have to go to B&Q for boring stuff like a new castor for an old settee we have been given (ds finally broke the last one, the only one we've ever had new <sob>) and a new toilet seat (yay! my life is one big thrill grin).
Other than that not much. Will make our Christmas cake and see if I can interest ds in helping with that, plus he has the loan of a pony for a few days in the week but that will depend on the weather. Dd will probably lounge about in her pit room being teenagery as usual. I will try and fail to keep the house up to the present state of semi-tidiness after two day's frantic scrubbing and hiding things under sofas/beds induced by our letting agent inspection the other day. I won't hold my breath.
<eyes up sherry meant for cake>.

MyAngelChuckles Sat 27-Oct-12 19:38:34

Have Cinema planned with DS tomorrow (fingers croosed DS is in calm mode )

Apart from that I plan on just doing nice calm things with out to much pressure, so cake baking, short trips to park, swimming, stories and endlessly playing transformers on the carpet with DS (I say playing but it will be the same scenario from the films over and over ) smile

Store up all that relaxing before DS goes back to school next week and I have to start meeting witht the statement assesment officer to try and sort out the mess that is his proposed and probably getting very frustrated in the process grin

starfishmummy Sat 27-Oct-12 21:14:18

One day at grandmas, another at a local gallerywhich Ds loves (nice exhibition for me if I can look at it as we zoom past!). Hospital appointment has been cancelled as has craft afternoon with his aunt........

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