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1st year in sec school - bullying - now woud not go to any trips

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statusquo Fri 26-Oct-12 16:17:43

DC placed at our preffered sch, DC is HF ASD, was bullied on the 1st educational trip away from home. sch actioned : Kids involved disciplined, to cut long story short,. now DC refused to go on this yearly but optional trip - lost interest, have tried to get DC to go, but says not interested.

Is there a possibility that this is a delayed reaction to the earlier bullying, because it was the same trip the year before - same trip/same place. its been over a year now?

kittycat68 Fri 26-Oct-12 22:18:48

the answer is yes. it happened before so instinctively they will think it will happen again. Have ds with aspergers. i wouldnt push it if he is saying he wont go you will just stress him out more.
All you can do is be positive about the trip saying good things but dont tell him it wont happen this time its been dealt with etc because he probably wont accept this and he could think that you want him to go and get bullied ( which i know you dont) ASD kids think different . it has to be his choice to go.

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