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The Caring Carrot Vegan Cook book

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StarlightMcKenzie Fri 26-Oct-12 15:37:55

presumably this will cure all your ills!?

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 26-Oct-12 15:39:20

Fantastic! grin

zzzzz Fri 26-Oct-12 15:45:08

grin StarlightMcKenzie you are gifted and silly

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 26-Oct-12 15:50:18

Having quickly looked at it, I think this virtual caring carrot does actually offer a lot better advice than the real life models.

Vote for online caring carroting?

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 26-Oct-12 15:50:35

It will save the LAs a fortune.

coff33pot Fri 26-Oct-12 16:24:54

Haha! grin

mariammma Fri 26-Oct-12 22:45:41

Outreach support for caring carrots

zzzzz Fri 26-Oct-12 23:41:13

I guess cof33 is ok grin

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 26-Oct-12 23:47:29

I guess I'm an egg.

Gotta laugh at Boch today calling Gove a Patronising Potato though.

zzzzz Sat 27-Oct-12 00:03:54

I think I'm a bit of all of revolting.

coff33pot Sat 27-Oct-12 01:00:14


See what it is saying is when the going gets tough leave it all behind and take yourself off to Costa! grin

And yes I loved the Patronising Potato too!

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