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Software for making PECS cards

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sazza76 Thu 25-Oct-12 21:28:17

Has anyone bought Storyboard software for making their own PECS cards at home? If so where did you buy it from?
Thank you!

SallyBear Thu 25-Oct-12 22:24:40

If used dynamic and printed off sets that they had for usual things like toilet training etc. PECS on FB sometimes post symbols. I linked on here their Halloween symbols last week.

SallyBear Thu 25-Oct-12 22:25:37

iPhone!!! I used DYNAVOX.

moondog Thu 25-Oct-12 22:28:33

Sazza, this site looks as if it has some great stuff to share, free of charge.

sazza76 Thu 25-Oct-12 22:37:12

Thank you everyone, i'll have a look at all the suggestions. Didn't know they were on Facebook brilliant!

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