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OT due any minute - please keep fingers crossed

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frizzcat Thu 25-Oct-12 10:24:37

Its taken months to get them to assess ds for noise issues - its happening now and then OT is coming to me to discuss further.
Please cross all your fingers and toes that we get on the therapeutic noise program - ds really needs it, even if it doesn't work for him it's a starting point

babiki Thu 25-Oct-12 12:27:23

Fingers crossed smile

coff33pot Thu 25-Oct-12 12:37:11

Fingers and toes crossed x

frizzcat Thu 25-Oct-12 14:25:45

I'm bloody exhausted - had the OT here for nearly 2hrs - she assessed ds in school, then came here to discuss.
This is the first time she has met ds and yet the first words out of her mouth was - he needs to be in a specialist school because he's so distracting my noise - YES YOU STUPID COW, THAT'S WHY I'VE BEEN ARGUING FOR HIM TO HAVE THERAPUTIC LISTENING PROGRAMME. Now don't all jump at me I have looked at specialist placements and I always have it in my mind anyone with SN dc do. But I have the school EP, SALT, outreach team and pead saying no - with support ds is coping maturing and got to the point where in certain areas they are able to leave him to work independently and he completes the task well, on time and to a high standard. Even when he is working independently the TA is still there watching him. In fact we've only had 3 outbursts in this half term which have over in minutes and all related to noise.
Then she says - oh maybe it's just his autism f##king shit Sherlock.
Then she hit me with her strategies - which amounted to ear defenders, segregated learning (which ds hates and it really affected his confidence) oh, and listening to an iPod in PE! How the hell is that safe? He'll certainly not be able to hear lots of noises BUT he won't able to listen to instruction and participate. At the moment he does PE but when the noise is too much he simply asks the TA if he can sit and watch - which gives him control and allows him a minute to regulate everything.

Luckily I was ready for this and argued every one of her sticking plaster solutions. She has agreed that he can do the TLP - but as they don't provide the specialist headphones we'll need to buy them at £100 a pop. What if we were a low income family? And could not afford that? We can afford it but I couldn't help thinking of others that couldn't angry

In short I did get what I wanted but god did she make me angry

Also just wanted to say that someone on here really helped me prepare for this. Who for many reasons I'll not name you know who you are - thanks so much [flowers]

.. ....sorry for all the swearing

frizzcat Thu 25-Oct-12 14:30:57

My flower thingy didn't work ......

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 25-Oct-12 16:03:23

I think you meant thanks (Not to me, obviously...)

I'm glad she fired you up, that meant that you got what you needed. the funding bit is shit, however. Glad you can afford it. smile

frizzcat Thu 25-Oct-12 16:17:11

Cheers Ellen - could you do me a favour and nip back through my post and correct my grammar and spelling, was so angry made a few mistakes!!! And you can always have flowers thanks
I hate these so-called professional shit-bags - now I'm sitting stressing that I'm not doing right by ds and should put him in a SS - why do I never feel better and confident after one of these meetings - all I ever feel is hopeless, like what is the point in even trying. I should be celebrating but instead I just feel down

coff33pot Thu 25-Oct-12 17:54:27

Don't feel low smile you just managed to prise seething out of the OT you wanted.

The iPod is a great idea that I use often during walks, shopping etc and even in cinema believe it or not smile I can see your point with regards to hearing instructions though. It is useful for transition from one class to another if its a busy school or chill out time when things get tough x

if you feel he will be ok in ms then he will. You know home better than anyone so trust your instincts before anyone else's.

2 proffs and a school told me ds would not survive in ms with his moderate issues but he has with the right support and is happy.

your ds will be happy too so smile and celebrate!

frizzcat Thu 25-Oct-12 19:03:59

I can see the benefits to ds for an iPod (more expense ...sighs) when sitting in a classroom and writing and transition, now that you've said that I can see that.. If OT had said that then I'd have seen the benefits - but actually suggested PE and i just don't think that's a good thing tbh. It was just her sticking plaster solution to not giving the therapy. What annoyed me the most was the segregation bit - ds hated this and worked really hard to stay in class - knowing this, there's no way I'm allowing anyone to upset him and do it again. Ds is very good at recognising himself when he needs to work in the quiet room - and will let the TA know.
The other thing she said was that; if parents and school want a special school - then you'll get one TA DAH!! I'm sure all the posters on this board wished that they knew that! She was oblivious to the realities of SEN. I do accept that she is NHS and not education but seriously is she that naive!

Bet you're sorry you posted Coff - BTW, can't remember if I posted on your other thread, really please dd is getting help, hope she took it well smile

coff33pot Thu 25-Oct-12 19:30:37

Sounds to me if he has the confidence and skill to work out when he has had enough the he is doing just fine smile

If the PE thing is mentioned in school there is no reason you go along with it. Far better he join in with some of the PE than none of it at all or separate on his own.

How long so you have to wait for the programme to start up? Soon I hope.

I bought ds a cheap mp3 for out and about as if lost or broken it isn't such an expense.

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