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School issues - need to change things but how?

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skewiff Wed 24-Oct-12 22:17:10

This half term has not been great.

DS in Yr1, has mild cerebral palsy. He has a statement that says he needs some one to one and some small group work, nothing quantified. School doesn't provide any of this as they say it will separate him from other children.

To be fair - DS is v. mildly affected and doing brilliantly with writing, reading etc. He mostly is affected in that he has v. little use of his left hand.

We have 1 hour of physio before school (with me and DS) every day. So sometimes we are a few minutes late and have to go through the office. I got a letter about attendance and lateness the other day and have spoken to the head about how ill DS has been this term and how the letter has made our already stressful mornings even more stressful (as much as I try to ignore this letter - it has made me feel criticised and pressured).

DS's teacher has been absent for many many days and the class has been left with the student teacher. She is back now but not in the class a lot as she is head of literacy in the school and so out a lot with other classes, I think.

DS had Botox injected into 3 places yesterday at GOSH. It was quite traumatic and has made him v tired and bolshy. This morning I told the class TA (teacher was not there again) that DS had a difficult time yesterday and was not in a good way today. Please could she keep an eye on him.

When I picked DS (after choir) today the SENCO came out to meet me and told DS off in front of me. She said that DS had been rude to the training teacher (real teacher not there again) and the training teacher said he'd tell me after school and DS said 'you won't be able to because I'm going to choir' and so they sent DS to a Yr 2 class and he missed all the rest of writing. DS says that the training teacher asked him to put his pencil down and he didn't - and that was the rudeness bit.

I said to the SENCO that I wished that I hadn't sent DS in today. That I had asked for him to be looked after and that the Botox experience had been difficult. That I'd sent him in because of feeling guilty due to 'that letter' and that next time I'll trust my instincts and not send him in if I feel he's not up to it.

Sorry - this is v. v. long ...

I don't know what to do. I feel like there is no communication with anyone regular because the teacher never seems to be there. I'm not happy that the class is so often left with a student teacher. It does seems like an inexperienced reaction to say 'I'll tell your mum' over not putting a pencil down. And I'm not surprised that DS reacted in a childish way. Especially as he was feeling so prickly after yesterday. Nobody seems to know what is going on with DS even though I have tried to communicate it all - but there are so many different people in and out of his class all day.

What should I do???

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