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Orthotic Boots

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Alarielle Wed 24-Oct-12 20:40:13

My son who is 3.5 was diagnosed with mild cp earlier this year and has a pair of orthotic boots as he has a typical hemiplegic gait, it is his left side that is affected. Before he got the boots he was pretty good at walking for a good period of time. For example, walking around the zoo with an occasional sit down or a piggy back. Now he seems to tire very easily, he will walk for 10-15 minutes and then not want to walk anymore and he is also stopping to rub the front of both thighs often. It's hard to ask him what is wrong as he does have speech difficulties. He's seeing the OT and physio in 2 weeks but I'm just wondering if this is what usually happens and if he will regain his stamina etc. as time goes on. He's had the boots for 5 weeks so far.

beautifulgirls Wed 24-Oct-12 22:01:22

DD#3 had orthotic shoes for a few months last year and we found the fit of them to be a nightmare. In her case it was because she has only half a right foot and the shoes were aimed to support this along with a special insert to account for the foot length issue. Unfortunately we found it impossible to keep the shoes on her shorter foot and her right shoe regularly fell off. We tried her in a pair of kickers hi kick boots and what a difference. We still have the orthotic insert in there and they are good supportive shoes. We will not be going back to orthotic shoes unless they can give us a very good reason why they would be better than these.

Apart from the fit of these shoes perhaps not being right for your DS it is also worth considering that they are forcing him to use his muscles in a different way to previously. If that is the case then in time he will probably build up some stamina. I guess the professionals could give you a better idea on the shoe fit vs stamina issues.

mymatemax Wed 24-Oct-12 22:52:23

It clould be because the boots (are they piedro) are holding the foot in a slightly better position (for long term benifit) and so he is using slightly different muscles now, muscles perhaps that weren't being properly usitlised before.
DS2 was much faster before he had splints, but once his splints helped keep his foot flatter he was working harder to walk.
Just my experience so obviously need to get it properly checked by the profs.

We found Piedros too heavy and DS2 tripped over his own feet even more! Eventually he went into short splints (ankle high) then as he got bigger, full AFOS and he found them much easier..still in them now at 15 and walks really normally in themsmile
Do go back as they can try different options!

deepbreath Wed 24-Oct-12 23:05:25

My dd has a connective tissue disorder (causing hypermobility and low muscle tone) and wears DAFO splints with oversplint Piedro boots. They are remarkably heavy, and I remember dd struggling to walk in them for a while when she first got them. She does complain of pain higher up her legs when she gets new splints, and I think it is because their feet are in a different position as the other posters have said. Her walking looks more awkward for the first few weeks too as the boots tend to be quite stiff for a while.

One time, the orthotics dept changed supplier and used fitzkidz (I think) boots. They were terrible, quality and fit wise to the point that the orthopaedic surgeon ordered orthotics to give dd Piedro's.

mycarscallednev Thu 25-Oct-12 07:23:26

We have Nimco's and orthotic insoles as we did have piedros but found these too heavy.

The Nimco's are higher and more supportive [he has EDS]. His legs ache after wearing them, and we were also told this is due to the boots forcing the muscles to work correctly.

We have to take them off when in the car or if his legs are going to be 'hanging' [sorry can't think of words to descibe - too early!!] say when sitting in a chair without a box or similar for his feet to rest of as blood pools in his feet and causes pins and needles type sensation and he can't wriggle or move his toes to help this - the feeling makes him really cross.

Hope this helps xx

NinePeedles Thu 25-Oct-12 14:35:04

My ds had orthotic boots, and they were very heavy, and looked awkward to walk in as he is so thin and has poor muscle tone.
We stuck with it, and after a year he doesn't need them any more.
My feeling was to trust the orthotist.
Ask to see yours again to check them if you are unsure.

Alarielle Thu 25-Oct-12 19:54:14

Thanks for all your replies and yeah they are the piedro boots. It's good to see all the progress your children have made with them. I will speak to them to just reassure myself. I think I just found it a shock the difference with him wearing them. Thanks again.

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