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Update on BST/SALT visit- please help me understand this

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SystemofaDowny Wed 24-Oct-12 14:25:40

So I had the home visit with BST/SALT yesterday but I won't be getting a copy of the reports yet as they are going to be combined with the EP report (should be happening in a few weeks) and all sent out as 1 document.

Anyway the SALT said DD had no problems with actual talking and has good clear pronunciation etc. but she said she did some tests that showed DD was only using language for a child 1.5 to 2 years younger. She said her use of grammar was particularly bad and also being able to use past tense properly. However, she then showed me another test that DD had done and said that it showed her understanding of language was at an age appropriate level.

Am I right in thinking this means that DD is capable of working at a level higher than she is currently, but she has just fallen behind? This would make sense to me because of the amount of time she has spent out of class. Or have I completely misunderstood it? The SALT did explain it a bit but she started by giving a really long-winded explanation of what centiles were (I understand what centiles are as I use them all the time in my work) so my brain switched off for a while unfortunately and I think I might have missed something important.

Can anyone tell me if my understanding sounds right, please? thankyou smile

(The BST also gave loads of information but I'm still trying to process that, so may be back with more questions later)

zzzzz Wed 24-Oct-12 15:41:13

What she has said (based on what you have written), is that dd's Speach (pronunciation, articulation, etc) is fine, that her receptive language is fine, but that her expressive language is significantly delayed/disordered.

You could read about expressive language disorders/delay and see what you think.

So no I wouldn't agree with your idea that she has fallen behind due to being out of class. Language disorder is something you are born with (or acquire due to brain injury), it is often discovered at the start of school for less severe cases.

SystemofaDowny Wed 24-Oct-12 16:04:01

I just googled expressive language disorder. That sounds exactly like what I have. Its my fault DD has these problems sad

zzzzz Wed 24-Oct-12 16:07:36

Only if you had any control over your own conception.

Don't be silly.

How marvelous if you can pass on all the ways you manage.

hoxtonbabe Wed 24-Oct-12 17:58:05

What zzzz said. What centile is she or did they just say xxx years behind?

SystemofaDowny Wed 24-Oct-12 18:22:48

Centiles were 47, 49 and 53. She said between ages 4.5 and 5, DD is 6.5

zzzzz Wed 24-Oct-12 18:46:54

I can't think that 3% off average could be a 2 year delay???

SystemofaDowny Wed 24-Oct-12 19:25:23

No those centiles are average so she said DD was capable of understanding age appropriate stuff. The other test was scored as ages, it was based on the actual answers DD had given to a series of pictures, those were the ones she scored less than her age, especially in grammar.

This stuff is so confusing for me, which is why I need it written down so I can go back and re-read until I understand it properly.

SystemofaDowny Wed 24-Oct-12 21:51:58

OK I have read through the stuff the BST left with me now and mostly I think I understand it all ok as it is mostly the same stuff I have told school about before (and got ignored) so I'm glad someone else has noticed it too. Basically it says the problems with behaviour DD has in school are mainly due to anxiety in school.

The causes of her anxiety are described as being due to sensory issues and difficulties with transition and changes to what usually happens e.g having a substitute teacher or maths and phonics lessons being replaced by harvest festival assembly one day.

The BST suggests that staff look for signs that DD is anxious e.g fidgeting, fiddling with things, making noises or biting herself, so that they can step in and prevent her behaviour escalating to the shouting, screaming, hitting, kicking that has happened in the past. She also recommended using visual cues, timers and social stories and having 1:1 as much time as possible to support her.

Does any of this help to explain the SALT stuff? Would it cause the language problems or the other way round? Or are they just two completely different things?

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