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Looking for somewhere just to vent

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alwaysworking Tue 23-Oct-12 21:37:47

Am hating the way I have to argue for my 9 year old dyspraxic daughter.

It sucks.

I hate the way everyone at school thinks I'm negative and miserable and difficult and goodness knows what else.

I just want to make sure that she gets as much out of school as she can, loves it and doesn't feel a failure.

I'd like to stop having to explain my fear of school avoidance and my concern that she'll end up as the kid no one can teach who is impossible to get through to at the age of 15.

having said that, she's doing incredibly well. adores her school now we've moved her and things are really good. i just have this urge to make things even better for her by trying to get her self esteem up and to stop feeling like a failure all the time. her problem is that she's extremely bright and it makes her so disappointed in herself when she compares herself to everyone else.

All this arguing really affects my self esteem though. It's really affected my view of myself. I don't remember that i've actually improved things for her and stopped her being merely baby sat at school and actually getting an education.

also i hate the way my other dd gets ignored because seh's thriving and happy but feels like everything that's going on and that i'm talking about and thinking about is her sister and not her.

i'm going to stop now. i feel better. thank you

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Tue 23-Oct-12 22:16:44

wine ?

No-one ever feels they do enough. You sound like a great mum, who cares about being popular with the teachers, much better to do the best for your DD. And your other DD doesn't need you as much, really... You are just so used to fighting for everything you can't get used to not having to fight for her, maybe?

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