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Having a horrible week & it's only tue :(

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osospecial Tue 23-Oct-12 20:23:57

Just really needing a rant!
DD was suppose to be starting school in jan but found out yesterday she probably won't be able to now - I know it's not then end of the world but I am a bit sad about that
Then today has been a worse day, DD had to go to optamathology in hospital due to a small turn in her eye.
Waiting was terrible, open waiting area in main foyer where DD wouldn't sit, just wanted to run off in every direction or throw herself on floor. Waited an hour to see first lady doc, who we have seen b4, who after questioning me a bit on DD said to me for the SECOND time (said it last time2) 'aren't you concerned about her general development as well as just her speech??' (as DD wouldn't look at her, listen, just ran around the room etc etc)
Just because I only gave her a brief explanation on DDs difficulties as we were there about her eyes not her speech/communication.
First time I was a bit shocked and didn't say much but today I said 'of course I'm CONCERNED, she is being seen by salt, paed again next month, regular contact with hv, has 1:1 help!' which she already knew btw so what on earth made her think I'm not bloody bothered I have no idea! Maybe I should go to any appointment with DD from now on and immediately throw myself on the floor and start crying and shouting about how concerned I am about DD. This was an EYE appointment. Anyway after a further long wait to see another doc I was on the edge already after her comment when they made me hold DD down while they put drops in her eyes that sting and she was screaming. I left the room, got to the baby changing area and burst into tears myself. Then had to wait another hour to been seen again by the doc! 3hrs in total! Poor DD was climbing the walls!
The only good part was that they decided her eye sight was ok and no need for glasses just have regular checks on the turn in he eye to make sure it doesn't get worse.
Had to work late to make up time and will be taking work home on weekend now aswell. Feel like going to bed until Friday.

troutpout Tue 23-Oct-12 21:20:24

Oh that is a hard day sad...
Have one of these wine or 2 even.
Hope tomorrow is better

cansu Tue 23-Oct-12 21:21:58

God tant sounds bloody awful. I hate going to doctors etc about other issues as I always find the stress incredible as the ignorance of staff pretty amazing overall. Wine seems required I think.

TheFogsGettingThicker Tue 23-Oct-12 21:45:16

Oh, God, I feel your pain. What a crappy day.

I have to take DS to the Eye Clinic frequently and the drops bit was evil. It was horrible as he really really didn't want them and there was a um, scene as the nurse went through her Usual Bag Of Tricks, with Stickers Offered, and look-at-the-stars-on-the-ceiling and This Won't Take A Moment, which turned into this will take forever and he was crying and I was hot and sweaty.

I kept telling myself, she will get this All The Time, but it really didn't seem that way.

And every other appointment has been heralded with "I don't want to go" and "Will they put drops in?" very anxiously and continuously.

Hugs to all, your poor DD.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Tue 23-Oct-12 21:54:14

I was at the OOHs doctor with DS2 once. The lady GP tried to persuade me that DS2 didn't have autism as he was too subdued and cooperative! He was poorly FGS! She, in 2 minutes, knew better than his specialist paed, SALT, the EP and advisory teachers who recommended his 20 hour statement etc.

I'm sorry you had a crap day. They never seem to make allowances at hospital appointments. sad

zzzzz Tue 23-Oct-12 22:14:21

God it's exhausting. Poor poor you and dd. sad

My dd's consultants secretary asked if we could come in for an appointment the next day last week. I explained I had all 5 children at home, and would of had to bring them all. She seemed surprised I said I'd wait till our normal appointment. hmm

osospecial Tue 23-Oct-12 22:44:18

Thanks for the responses, i dont think it should be allowed to make any young children wait so long for an appointment.
Dreading going back there for the check up in 6months already, don't think I'll bother turning up until an hour later than our appointment time as they seem to always be at least that behind.
And im going to have a better response ready for that doc if she tries questioning how concerned I am about my DDs welfare again (always think of things I should have said in the car on way home!)
Wish I had some wine in the house, could've done with a glass tonight!

GhostofMammaTJ Tue 23-Oct-12 23:12:58

Oh that is so difficult. My DS has regular eye tests and it always takes ages to be seen, with the old dodderers seeming to get priority.

It is fine when it is just DS as he will play happily as he appears to only have eye problems, but when I have to take DD too it is a nightmare. She is climbing the walls within minutes.

You would think they would squeeze us in quickly just to get rid of her. grin

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