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Carers allowance and having a job

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AMumGoingMad Sun 21-Oct-12 20:06:14

I have got a job at long last smile. Its a flexible hours contract so some weeks I could earn over £100 but other weeks I might not earn a penny. Over the course of the year I expect to earn an average of under £100 per week. How does the carers allowance get affected by this? Do I have tell them every week I earn more than £100, loose it and then the next week have to reapply because I'm not earning a penny? Or is it done on the average weekly income over the year?

chocjunkie Sun 21-Oct-12 20:32:29

My earnings vary and i have to fill in a sheet every two months and return it (incl payslips and childcare invoices). Dwp decides then always on a short term basis for which weeks i qualify.

If you are self emplyoyed it is asaik different

zebrafinch Mon 22-Oct-12 16:42:18

I do not think they average it out. They look at net income EACH week. So if you are earning over £100 gross they take off any tax paid, NI contributions, contributions to pension to see what your net is. As chocjunkie has to send in childcare invoices these must be taken into account too.
I am not sure if this rule still exists but you may be entitled to take a break from Carers Allowance (maybe 4 weeks ?? check this) and during this time earn as much as you want? and then go back on Carers Allowance for the £100net a week limit. I think you are only allowed a break every 6 months??? I know I really I should look this up before putting it here but I have to go out. If you or anyone wants to know more a quick phone call to Carers Uk or the Contact A Family helpline will clarify and once you find out can you post back here???

zebrafinch Mon 22-Oct-12 17:29:02

From my copy of "Disabled Children A legal Handbook by Broach Clements and Read. Also available to view free online at Council for Disabled Children

" In relation to the earnings limit of £100 a week, this is calculated on the basis of net earnings after income tax, class 1 national insurance and HALF of any contribution to a personal or occupational pension"
I cannot find any reference to how childcare costs are handled

"...a carer can take four weeks of breaks over a 26 week period. ... Any earnings over £100 during such a period are disregarded for the purposes of the employment condition."
However this refers to a situation where you take a BREAK from caring and not do the 35 hours caring a week . So may not be appropriate if you are still caring for 35 hours a week???. (Check this with Carers UK) Also you need to meet the 35 hours caring a week for at least 22 of the previous 26 weeks before this break provision applies.

chocjunkie Mon 22-Oct-12 18:01:41

They take 50% of childcare into account. that is how i qualify - through a sky high childcare bill ;-)

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