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Educational Psychologist coming to dd on monday

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trace2 Fri 19-Oct-12 21:11:16

what happens ?whe n will hear any thing ? dd is 5 and in class 1 and i do know she coming at quieter time at school .

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 19-Oct-12 21:16:00

Hi Trace,

You need to be a bit more proactive with the school to get the information you want. Ask if you can meet with the EP afterwards or if not arrange a telephone conversation. Ask them why they have brought an EP in and what they are hoping she will help them with.

marchduck Fri 19-Oct-12 21:35:51

Trace, my DD is also due to be seen by ed psych shortly. She rang me earlier this week and told me that she would come to see at home after her visit to discuss her findings.
So as Star says, ask to speak to the EP after they have seen your DD. Has the school done the referral - maybe you could ask the teacher or SENCO to make the arrangements for the EP to contact you?

trace2 Fri 19-Oct-12 21:41:27

thanks Starlight! but its all a bit confusing dd as already a full statement for medical reasons but since july they wanted an other view as she now needs help with education , so i asked about her getting her help with a 1 to 1 as she as the rights with already having a statement but we do know she don't get 1 to 1 as her 1 to 1 is the class room support teacher for the whole class .i did ask about meeting her afterwords but was told they only communicate through email and she not in till Monday after her visit to schoolsad so looks like i will just after wait till they contact me.

trace2 Fri 19-Oct-12 21:45:39

marchduck we was told she was coming 20th nov but i asked for it earlier as we have a child in need meeting on the 8th nov , but i think i would rather now before then tbh i think i may be a bit paranoid , she as been through so much since she was born and i just know some things are just not normal if you know what i mean?

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 20-Oct-12 08:59:17

A school that on,y communicates via email is a blessing IMO.

However, there are a few things you can do, depending on how pushy you want to be.

Ultimately, you can send dd in with a not saying you refuse consent to her being observed by an EP. This is your right and ultimate bargaining point. I imagine tgey'll be on the phone pretty quick despite their email thing.

If they ask why you are withdrawing consent can can say because you want to speak to the EP in advance to discuss her reasons for visiting before you can be sure that you can agree to this. This is also your right.

I expect a compromise will be reached where the EP will agree to meet you afterwards.

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