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this will teach me not to get distracted by mumsnet

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OwlLady Fri 19-Oct-12 12:50:21

I have dd off today (13 sld etc) and she has been singing happily in the lounge, watching waybuloo etc. i have just gone in the lounge to check on her and she had a pair of childrens
yep a pair of scissors

there is paper cut up everywhere and my orchid has had every single flower cut off and is now just a stick ina pot sad

you have to laugh blush grin

marchduck Fri 19-Oct-12 13:15:05

OwlLady, I love this. Sounds like your DD has enjoyed herself greatly working on her cutting skills! The poor orchid...
My DS (NT,5) also has form with scissors. I always kept all sharp objects out of reach to both my DCs. DS started primary last year and at the first parents' consultation his teacher said that he was struggling with using scissors and should practice at home. He was delighted when I gave him his own pair of so-called "child safe" scissors and some paper. I came back into the room a minute later to find the paper untouched, but his school trousers now had a massive hole - and he was wearing them. Scissors were confiscated. I relented after a few months, and gave them back after he promised not to cut his clothing. I observed him cutting the paper for a few minutes, went to make a cup of tea, and came back to find that he was cutting his hair.
DD has to make do with a pair of red plastic scissors which don't even cut paper!

Ineedalife Fri 19-Oct-12 14:00:16

Oh no owl, Dd1 cut up her school tights once, while she was wearing themshock.

I had to ban scissors in the end because I kept finding little snips and chunks missing out of thingshmm

someoneoutthere Fri 19-Oct-12 14:09:57

Well, DS is sporting couple of bold patches on his head atm. All the scissors in this house are well hidden, at least that's what I thought unless I found lumps of hair all over his bed. He knew he was not supposed to, so closed the door before getting up to no good.

moosemama Fri 19-Oct-12 14:38:31

I had to explain to dd's nursery teacher at parent's evening last night why dd hasn't had much access to scissors yet.

Ds1 (10, AS) loves scissors, but has never been able to use them effectively. If I let him get anywhere near them he cuts up everything in sight and I am constantly finding bits of paper in the strangest places for days afterwards. Even the poor dog didn't escape his last foray into cutting practice, although thankfully not a haircut, just being showered with millions of tiny pieces of shiny paper whilst sleeping peacefully under the kitchen table as he worked. <In his defence, she did look very pretty afterwards. grin>

To be honest I was a bit taken aback that they think dd (nt) should be good at using scissors at the age of three, to the extent that she has been put in with a small group of children, who also can't use scissors yet, for extra practice. confused

OwlLady Fri 19-Oct-12 16:30:51

oh god that's ridiculous, hot housing for scissor usage grin!

she just cuts cuts cuts. She comes on from school with cut up bits of paper in her pants sometimes confused so i imagine they must let her use them at school. They are usually hidden at home

mariammma Fri 19-Oct-12 22:46:28

Even without the ADHD and asd stuff, I'm still not convinced any dc should be let loose with scissors till the latter stages of juniors...

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