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ABA Consultant / tutor charges

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appleofmyeyes Fri 19-Oct-12 11:10:57

Hi there,

I am new to this forum and would very much need information from all the parents who have experiences with ABA.

My DS is 4.5 yr old and was diagnosed as autistic b/w a mild and moderate scale. We are based in Hertfordshire. Recently heard of ABA and would want to give it a try as we believe that would work for our DS. He was undergoing generic speech therapy and that too intensively for the last 6 months which worked really good on him. So, we have a lot of positive hopes now.

We are trying to speak to some of the ABA consultants to check if they can take up our DS's case. But, we have no idea on what their charges are ..

Can anyone help me out in knowing the ABA Consultant and tutor charges in our area? Also, how frequent do they visit us?

Any thoughts would be really helpful. Cheers!

babiki Fri 19-Oct-12 17:16:14

Hello, it varies a lot, we are in Essex, tutor is 17.50 an hour, consultant 400 pounds - we use her every 3 months... Supervisor around 40 per hour and 40 per report.. But it does vary a lot depending on experience, hours..

cansu Fri 19-Oct-12 17:24:03

We paid about 80 an hour for the supervisor / consultant and we saw her three hours every fortnight. The tutors varied according to their experience. If you train someone up from scratch this can be cheaper. i had a mix of experienced and novice and this worked well.

bialystockandbloom Fri 19-Oct-12 17:31:03

Our supervisor £40 per hour. Tutors vary from c.£14 - £20 depending on experience.

WarmAndFuzzy Sat 20-Oct-12 21:01:59

We had a supervisor/consultant who was about £90/hr plus travel, for around 3 hrs every six weeks (two days the first time because we were training and have two on the spectrum), a lead tutor who was £20/hr, and a 'trainee' who was a Psychology graduate on £12/hr.

theDudesmummy Fri 26-Oct-12 16:12:01

Our consultant is around £700 for each full day workshop. We pay tutors (all psychology graduates with ABA experience) £15 an hour, with the lead tutor getting an extra session's pay a month for dealing with queries etc from the other tutors.

theDudesmummy Fri 26-Oct-12 16:12:47

Oh, we are in London but our consultant travels from elsewhere in the country. Workshop every 4-6 weeks.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 26-Oct-12 16:27:54

There are some in this link. I'd recommend Jo at the bottom as I know she works with others in Herts.

You might also want to get in touch with these people if they are still running If they aren't let me know and I can link you in with them a different way.

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