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DS3 has no diagnosis yet - is it worth making a DLA appeal?

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pannetone Thu 18-Oct-12 14:41:11

I am trying to get DLA for DS3 who has an anxiety disorder and is very near to getting a diagnosis for ASD. (Waiting for feedback session - but CAMHS have indicated that it is very likely having seen the ADOS) (BTW I did post on this as chives22 before - but am using one name now - my life is complicated enough as it is!) I was initially refused, I then wrote (typed out) 5 extra sides of supporting information, refuting what they said in the written statement of reasons for refusal and detailing examples for each section of the form. I was very careful to follow advice given here to keep pointing out what DS3 can't do in the same way as a NT 10 year old and to use the 'on a bad day, ... on a better day' way of explaining how DS always needs additional help, even if the amount varies. And I have been following the Cerebra guide!

Now I have a letter saying their decision remains the same, and they made it looking at my new evidence, original claim form, a medical report I sent and a medical report they asked for. Am I allowed to see a copy of this? And I don't see how a medical report can give much of a picture of DS's care needs at home. I don't understand why it is proving so hard to get DLA. DS2 with HFA has LRM and MRC. Is it because DS3 doesn't have a diagnosis yet? But I know that's not meant to make a difference...

Jerbil Thu 18-Oct-12 18:12:34

Yes you can ask for copies of all the reports! The cerebra guide was what we used. I think the only criteria we got was the fact he soils ad needs attention fr that. Behaviours and eating etc didn't sway thei decision apparently.

pannetone Thu 18-Oct-12 21:55:44

Well according to their written statement of reasons DS3 has no behaviour problems at all - which is untrue and I have challenged it. Not to any effect though! I rang DLA to ask for medical report and their written statement of reasons for refusal after doing the reconsideration. Apparently it is the same as after the first refusal, so no point in having it sent again. Annoying because I challenged each point they made with evidence or examples of DS's behaviour.

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