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Appealing the refusal to assess decision

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sweetteamum Thu 18-Oct-12 09:56:10

I'm obviously going to be appealing the decision not to assess. I've downloaded the refusal to assess pack and just need ink to print relevant forms out.

What i'd appreciate, is tips for those who have already been, done, going through and have got the t shirt.

I thought I'd sent all relevant documents and the only new details are dd's school anxiety, due to no one to one. Do I also need to be getting freedom of information details from the lea?

I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all this morning.

bjkmummy Thu 18-Oct-12 10:09:03

it can be overwhelming - i am in the process of going to tribunal but mine is over parts 2 3 or 4 rather than refusual to access. yes, you can do a request to the school for the school records. i also googled on my councils website for their data access request - completed the form and asked for all teh records the council hold on my son - cost me £10 and can take 8 weeks to get - we are 4 weeks in so far. the school records request - they have to release it within 15 days i believe. are you going to get any private assessments done? you will have quite a time to wait yet to get to tribunal - probably about march now. there are plenty of people on here who have appealed against refusal to assess so you will be able to get good advice and lots of hand holding on here

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