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Empathy and sympathy, ASD

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ScrappyDo Wed 17-Oct-12 17:27:53

A couple of apparently dichotomous incidents this week with DS, 10, who has an ASD.

At school he wanted to play chess with a boy he has played with frequently. Boy said no. He asked again. No. Eventually the boy hit him. Not unjustified obviously.

We told DS that other people don't exist just to entertain you, if he doesn't want to play, that's his choice.

Ok, fair enough.

Yesterday at Cubs, going on a six-mile walk in the dark and cold, a younger boy had turned up without money (for food), in shorts, with no coat, torch, etc.

Younger boy upset, DS puts his arm around him, says it's ok, he can have his coat, his torch, and will share his dinner. Which was very nice of DS.

So obviously he does care about others feelings (and he has done things like this last example before).

I am just wondering how to get the latter attitude to be exhibited more in situations like the former?

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