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Awarded high rate mobility, am worried they have made a mistake

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zen1 Wed 17-Oct-12 14:10:49

Got a letter today saying DS (ASD / hypermobility) has been awarded middle rate care component and high rate mobility (he is almost 4). I feel guilty as he can walk, although is wobbly and falls more often than NT kids. I filled in the form thinking about his worse case scenarios (he will often just stop walking, will walk backwards, refuse to enter shops etc. If I try and put him in the buggy he will have a huge meltdown, kicking and screaming. I know they contacted at least 3 of the professionals I listed on the form for reports, but I can't believe he is really severe enough to qualify for this and I am scared to spend it incase they have made a mistake. The thing is, although he wouldn't understand road safety if you explained it, he does know that we always walk on the path and he often does stop at roads.

I guess I am half thinking someone from the DWP will be secretly sent to observe us and sometimes DS can be as good as gold (when we are going somewhere he wants to go) and will walk along holding my hand and chatting. The DWP did ring me and ask what happens when DS decides to stop walking and asked if he could be persuaded to keep walking (haha, if DS decides he's not going to do something nothing can persuade him!).

Just posting to assuage my guilt really.

SallyBear Wed 17-Oct-12 14:20:05

You answered the questions, using worst case scenario. They awarded what they felt was appropriate based on the answers that you gave. Stop feeling guilty you've not done anything wrong.

zzzzz Wed 17-Oct-12 14:50:52

Not sure if this is helpful exactly but ds was very like you describe 12months ago and I have been housebound for much of the year because I can't keep him safe. <weeps>

zen1 Wed 17-Oct-12 14:56:02

That sounds a complete nightmare zzzzz sad. I am much more housebound during the school holidays as DS will not go out as there is no reason to (I am fortunate in the mornings that he wants to leave the house because there is something in it for him (pre-school, which he likes). If he doesn't want to go out, I have to chase him round the house and then use all my strength to hold him down and put his shoes on while he kicks and screams. Thank God for my mountain buggy which is the only one which withstands his tantrums.

zzzzz Wed 17-Oct-12 15:03:35

Sorry I should really have gone on to say, that you do need it, he does deserve it and in some cases they know what they are doing. smile

I am solving the ds problem one step at a year will be better.

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