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Can someone please explain what the changes to the DLA mean for ds2

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mymatemax Wed 17-Oct-12 09:45:55

DS2 is in receipt of high rate care & mobility, due for renewal in February.
We claim no other benefits, dh works fulltime & I work part time.

What do the changes reported in the press mean for ds2.
There are so many stories out there at the moment I dont know if I should be concerned.


ouryve Wed 17-Oct-12 12:34:49

If DS2 is under 16, you should see no difference. For now.

AgnesDiPesto Wed 17-Oct-12 14:14:37

Nothing, for now. Eventually everyone will be moved over to universal credit. The press stories are saying children on middle rate DLA will get less than now.
If your child gets high rate I would not exactly do a huge sigh of relief - as who knows what is round the corner but you should be less affected or even better off on current forecasts of universal credit.
Just concentrate on trying to keep high rate.

zebrafinch Sun 21-Oct-12 09:49:12

Do you get tax credits now? When universal credit is introduced if your household has more than £16000 in capital (apart from your home) then I believe that your household will not be eligible for Universal Credit. (Essentially you will lose the tax credit support) However it is said that no one should be worse off following the transfer to UC. ???

zebrafinch Sun 21-Oct-12 09:53:02

Not sure about my last sentence, can anyone clarify this? Does it mean that initially after UC is introduced there will be transitional arrangements which will then taper off???
OP, if you earn less than £100 a week you can claim Carers allowance in addition to your part time work as long as you are doing 35 hours a week caring.

creamteas Sun 21-Oct-12 11:24:03

My understanding is that the transitional arrangements mean that (some/all?) people who are receiving 'too much' under the new system will have their benefit levels frozen until they are on the right level.

They did this when they ditched the lone-parent element of child benefit. So if it was £10pw Child benefit and £5pw lone-parent, the payments were frozen at £15. Each year CB was increased with inflation and it was only when their CB payment went to over £15.01 that those who previously got lone parent benefit started getting increases in CB again.

So initially it is only 'new' people who will be effected, But it is not clear to me if that is new people to DLA itself or new claims for a different rate of DLA.... I'm guessing it will be the former rather than the latter

mymatemax Sun 21-Oct-12 15:15:00

Thanks all, we dont get ant tax credit as they overpaid us yes ago. We dont have any assets or savings of any description. In fact we live on our overdraft most months. I do earn more than £100 gor my p time so sadly can't claim carers . I was the main earner but have not been able to increase my hours since having ds2 (hes 10) so we have half the income. We really would have to sell up if we lost Dla. In fact we need to move yo a bungalow but they are more expensive so dont know how wevwill ever achieve that. I know we are not bad off & have so much to b greatful for but ATM when we R skint, ds2 is really struggling with pain & we are trying to afford a bike for xmas to help keep him mobile it pissed me off when I keep reading about dla scroungers.

zebrafinch Sun 21-Oct-12 17:03:44

Max does the bike need any adaptations? Even if it does not? the Variety Club may still have a bike scheme. Our son was given a brilliant little trike from the Variety Club, it was absolutely amazing to see him on it , he looked like a different boy., I cried when I saw him on it. I could not have imagined him sitting on a bike. Go online and check if the scheme still runs.
Also look up the Joseph Rowntree Trust they have a scheme for helping severely disabled children. Government money is channelled to them and you can make a request once a year for something which will make a difference to your sons life.

zebrafinch Sun 21-Oct-12 17:17:00

Regarding your tax credit situation, go to the local CAB and ask them to review all your paperwork regarding the overpayment. They have experts who can help you. There were a lot of people with overpayments at one point and some challenge may still be possible? Even if not, they can advise you about re-applying and also what financial options (eg mortgage holidays)you could consider when you may be struggling to get by each month.

mymatemax Sun 21-Oct-12 20:46:20

Thanks Zebra, no real adaptations needed other than the pedals. We may be able to use his exsting pedal foot/leg supports & transfer? But he does need a very lightweight frame as he has very little strength & as he is tall the the average toysrus or Halfords bikes are very heavy. So the ones he has the strength to ride are expensive!
cab may be a good idea although we have had no payments for about 3 yrs & then last yr had a bill saying we owed them £1500. I did nothing about it & this year have have had a bill saying we owe them £130. Maybe if i ignore it again they will owe us money.
I really dont think they know what they are doing.

zebrafinch Mon 22-Oct-12 12:37:16

It is still worth checking up about the bike as they have so much experience they may have helped others who are similar to your DS and there may be able to advise on stable very lightweight bikes with easy transfer on and off?????

Without seeing the paperwork on your tax credit situation, it looks a bit like they are taking back the overpayment and it is nearly paid off now but you do need this checked. In child tax credit there is a disabled child premium of nearly £3000 and there is a severe disability premium in addition if the child is on highest rate DLA which your son is. This is to cover the extra costs of having a disabled child. You do not need the additional stress of stuggling to make ends, go along to the CAB with your paperwork on tax credits and also go online google Turn2Us where there is a useful benefits calculator.

zebrafinch Mon 22-Oct-12 19:02:01

The Joseph Rowntree Trust scheme is called the Family Fund

mymatemax Mon 22-Oct-12 19:41:17

Thanks Zebra, I'll have a look, you are lovely smile

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