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DLA Renewal during statement assessment - better to wait?

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proudmum74 Wed 17-Oct-12 08:58:22

Hi, my DD is 2.5 yrs old with Down's. I've just got her DLA renewal form, but I was wondering whether it is worth waiting to fill it in until we get the results from her statement assessment?

The LEA agreed to my request for a statutory assessment last week, so we should hear whether she qualifies for a statement by the end of November (I'm pushing for 1-1 care). she currently gets funding from the council for 4 hrs a day 1-1 support at the nursery to keep her safe in an age appropriate room as she is unable to walk unaided or speak, but it is on an ad hoc basis and we need to re-apply every month.


devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 09:06:34

I wouldn't wait. My DS also down syndrome was going through statement then whilst DLA renewal too.

proudmum74 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:20:48

Hi Devientenigma - OK, thanks for the advice I'll fill in the DLA first.

Do you mind if I ask you another question? On the DLA renewal form it asks whether she can walk with a Y/N option, she can technically walk, but only with support (I.e. she needs to hold my hand), she can't yet walk unaided. Do you think I should answer yes or no?

devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 09:27:33

I would answer no, as it's not unaided, plus if you par it with someone her age, without DS, they are usually walking unaided. HTH and feel free to ask anything or inbox.

proudmum74 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:30:08

Thanks devientenigma

devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 09:43:20

no bother wink

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