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strategies needed for keeping clothes on........

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devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 08:57:36

does anyone have any, TIA x

claw4 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:26:50

We compromise mainly, ie as soon as ds walks through the door, he gets changed into his pj's.

Depends on where and when, he wants to strip off?

devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 09:40:34

Ok with the help of FB I have now established the being naked indoors is a (habit?) that needs changed. DS is fine to wear PJ's or PJ top and jogger bottoms to go out in (providing it's somewhere he wants to go) However he's still very naked as soon as he comes in, stripping as he goesto the living room from the front door.

Surprisingly he's always been attracted to heat sources (cooker/radiators etc) so why does he allow himself to be so cold? Not only that it's getting too cold even with the heating on to be naked. He's very blue and marble (heart condition and circulatory problems, hence the worry about the cold) and making me feel colder.

Plus he strips in most buildings, how do we combat this so he has clothes on all day? DS is 11yo.

claw4 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:52:30

Its probably a bit of both, sensory and habit, things that start off as sensory can quickly become a habit, i find.

You could go about it 2 ways, depending on how well you think your ds will cope.

1. Make a new rule, no more naked, pj's must be worn. Zero tolerance. You take them off, we put them back on again.

2. Do it gradually ie maybe pj bottom, naked top half. Or times when its ok to be naked, times when its not, maybe a visual timetable to help.

I went with with option 1, as i found ds got confused with option 2. He didnt like it, he would disappear and remove his clothes, but we did get there eventually. Ds also likes rules, so it made it slightly easier to enforce.

devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 09:55:45

thanks Claw smile

devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 09:56:51

do you know if there is a symbol to keep clothes on?

claw4 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:12:59

I used photos from the internet. Ds had a visual sequencing chart, as he hated getting dressed ie photo of socks, pants, t-shirt, joggers etc and in which order to put them on, with a photo of ds's head and drawn on body at the end of the chart.

So as he put on socks from the start of the chart, we moved them to the photo at the end and stuck them on his feet, then pants etc, until he was fully dressed and so was the photo of him at the end iyswim?

Then everytime he disappeared and removed his clothes, we followed the chart again. We had lots of kicking and screaming to start with, but now he can get dressed by himself (most of the time anyway) without the chart and he keeps his clothes on!

devientenigma Wed 17-Oct-12 10:22:46

yeah we have a chart with the broken down dressing sequence, (uniform, from when he went to school) dressing has always been a problem here too. The photo of DS at the end sounds great, ours was just like a list of chores rather than something he made at the end.

claw4 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:53:50

I actually found the routine of ds getting up and dressed for school helped with the dressing, even though he hates school.

I found during school holidays or when he was refusing school or signed off by gp, weekends etc, our routine lapsed, which didnt help the getting dressed at all. During these times, it was just so much easier, not to try getting ds dressed, especially if we were not going out anywhere.

So a strict routine, especially to start with really helps. Good luck smile

colditz Wed 17-Oct-12 10:58:57

Have you tried putting his clothes on the radiator? My brother had massive issues with getting dressed, because the clothes were initially cold he thought that putting them on made him colder, and couldn't see that it was only temporary, and that they would warm up fast.

I see his point. I dislike changing my clothes in the winter because its a deeply unpleasant sensation to suddenly have cold things on your skin, but I am aware enough to know that it needs doing for hygiene, and also for future warmth.

My mum figured that heating our clothes stopped the initial revulsion (and yes, we really do feel that strongly about it, it's horrible!)

colditz Wed 17-Oct-12 11:01:03

Visually, you could show a cold, naked boy, then a boy putting clothes on, then a warm dressed boy.

Can he read? Ds1 likes to have written lists of what to do, but if not then pictures could do that job for you

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