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She tried once . . . . and feels like she can't try again :(

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sweetteamum Tue 16-Oct-12 20:38:33

DD 11, has various issues. She started High School this September and been off much longer than she was in - due to no support in place, High levels of anxiety etc. They were aware of these difficulties before she started as I had a number of meetings and shared all reports with them.

Fast forward and last week we finally agreed a plan, with the help of a Specialist ASD teacher, who knows she has social communication difficulties, inclusion officer etc. We were told whatever it took to get her in, just agree. The school agreed (or went along with this) but I now get the feeling they don't agree. However they are going with it.

Basically she did 1 hour yesterday and was so scared again this morning that she was in tears and we're back to square one. I feel like i'm doing something wrong as School have now put things in place and she still doesn't feel happy to go in.

DD cannot communicate her difficulties well at all, she will just say she doesn't feel well or that she can't cope. We know it's generally (noisy) weather & school related but very little else.

What else can/should I be doing as life is really pants.

sweetteamum Wed 17-Oct-12 11:06:12

It's also the initial 6 week deadline today. I know what to do when they refuse to assess but what do I do if don't receive a decision today? confused

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