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Really worried about dd's anxieties

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madprest Tue 16-Oct-12 11:55:07

Hi everyone,

I am so upset seeing my darling little girl getting so worked up, I feel is it me because of my ongoing battle with bloody school & LEA. She is 10 yrs and we are awaiting for reinstatement for appeal to refuse to access.

She is extremely quiet in school and most nights she comes home and as a tantrum (screaming fit more like) until she gets it out of her system and she always says sorry and she doesn't understand why she does it. She is always anxious but I feel it's getting worst. She constantly worries if any member of the family are not home at the usual times,death and me and her dad splitting up (don't know why as I have a great strong relationship with her dad).

On Sunday i gave her grandma a lift home and had to visit my auntie, she didn't want to come with me. She was that distraught she was nearly sick and terribly upset that my husband and to phone for me to calm her down. I try not to show my upset with the journey I am going through with the tribunal, I am starting to blame myself, her anxieties are getting worst and she constantly wants to be my side and won't sleep in her room (hasn't for many yrs). My heart is breaking for her, she shouldn't have these worries at her age. Any advice please.

Handywoman Tue 16-Oct-12 12:46:13

Sounds like a horrible situation. Do you have any ideas what is at the heart of this, or how long it has been going on? How is she doing at school socially and academically? How aware is she of these issues? Sounds like you need some proper help, if the anxiety is stemming from her experience at school you need to address it with them. But if you have got as far as appealing a refusal to assess I guess you have already been in dialogue with the school? Or have things broken down between you and the school? Sorry if there is a long story behind this that is already on MN but I don't know the context. I just didn't want to 'read and run' as it sounds really stressful. Can your dd's GP help at all?
Handy xxx

madprest Tue 16-Oct-12 14:17:47

Hi Handy,
Apologies for late response, yes this as been going on and school always say she seems happy in school. LEA Ed Psych did a report and asked her best time of day a school and she replied 'hometime'. Socially & Academically not good. Yes, things have broke down with school for sometime because of the constant lies and cover ups they have done. I am going to GP on Friday to explain how bad things are getting as I feel her anxieties are getting worst.

Quick catch up. I was going to Triunal in June and had mediation day before and I withdrew because LEA had drawn up a working document. The document did look good and offered many things. So I withrew (advised by IPSEA volunteer who attended meeting with me) because I was afraid to take a gamble and end up with no provision in place for her. The working document was then changed after withdrawal to a Provision Agreement and school are failing already to what had been agreed. Also they reworded and changed the document when case got closed and my IPSEA volunteer also closed the case.


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