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Just wanted to share some good news

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Tiredmumno1 Mon 15-Oct-12 20:29:32

We heard on Thursday that DS1 had got a place in our local special needs school after it going to panel on Wednesday. He started today and had a really lovely day, he came out smiling which was a fantastic sight to see smile

So very happy that he is happy at long last, fingers crossed it stays that way. Just wanted to share some good news smile

NoHaudinMaWheest Mon 15-Oct-12 20:30:33

That's great. The right school can make such a huge difference.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Mon 15-Oct-12 20:30:55

Lovely news. smile

Strongecoffeeismydrug Mon 15-Oct-12 20:35:26

DS started his DS 3 weeks ago and it was lovely to see him happy at last smile 3 weeks and 1 day in he's still smiling

Strongecoffeeismydrug Mon 15-Oct-12 20:35:59

Special school not DS, lol

Tiredmumno1 Mon 15-Oct-12 21:01:29

Thanks for the messages smile it's just such a relief, and I definitely agree the right school can make all the difference. The head was lovely as well as the teachers, they understand how hard it's been and have put our minds at ease, it's a great feeling, I have a feeling he will get the attention and help he rightly deserves. The other 7 children in his class were so lovely and welcoming smile

Tiredmumno1 Mon 15-Oct-12 21:02:09

Strong that's great to hear smile

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