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Proud TA please can I share?

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Orangelephantshavewrinkles Mon 15-Oct-12 18:28:39

I work as a TA with a child who has complex needs. I have worked with him

from 2 and a half to three and then from mid reception to now. (At three he

was diagnosed with leukaemia. ) Now in year one he never stops surprising me.

Today was doing a spot of maths and decided to look at numbers and asking

with a choice of two wheres the 2 etc. He showed me correctly on all numbers

up to 10. Then when i picked up a 2 he showed me 2 fingers and said two. The same with three and four.

Then later we looked at sounds out of the 17 I showed him he recognised and said 16.
I was stunned and so proud. I didn't think he recognised any as he has not

given any indications that he did.

I am so proud of him and how much he achieves despite the hundreds of trips to hospital, the chemo etc. This is from a child who was described by the assessment unit as unteachable.
Will name change after this but wanted to share with people who know how big this is.

LeeCoakley Mon 15-Oct-12 18:31:57

What a lovely day for you. It makes everything worthwhile doesn't it?

MyCannyBairn Mon 15-Oct-12 19:16:59

Congrats on your work and their spark. ( My name suits the thread eh OP smile. ).

Walter4 Mon 15-Oct-12 19:38:11

Brilliant, you are right to feel proud. You must have made his parents so happy !

UnChartered Mon 15-Oct-12 19:40:09

that's lovely - you are very right to feel proud smile

TheTimeTravellersWife Tue 16-Oct-12 15:17:56

Lovely news! Great that you shared it with us.

Ineedalife Tue 16-Oct-12 16:25:30

Sounds like a lovely day orange, I love working with children for precisely this reasongrin

insanityscratching Tue 16-Oct-12 16:32:10

Lovely news, well done to your little one (and you)

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Tue 16-Oct-12 17:41:34

That's fab. Proud day for you all. smile

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