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Does having an SN child make you more nervous about heir development aspects?

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piglettsmummy Sat 13-Oct-12 22:11:55

My daughter has a issue with respiratory control but I have become concerned that she is behind. She has always hit milestones late; she couldn't roll over until 6months sit unaided until 10months she has only just learnt to use cutlery (still clumbsy) at 2years old. We are seeing a neuro doc for her walking as she hasn't strengthened in it and she is starting to transition from bottles to 4mth + trainer cups, this is another concern for doctors. She is clever but in a quiet way? If that makes sense? She can say many words but many more she says in her own language , but h says because she can communicate and we understand that's not a problem. She struggles climbing stairs and cannot walk down (not Ben with help) I am constantly anxious about her development. I see many over kids who are younger than her and are doing much more than her!! It gets me down sometimes sad can anyone relate ? X

starfishmummy Sat 13-Oct-12 23:45:10

Ds has complex disabilities so never hit milestones when he should. We just found it better not to compare - we mostly mixed with other sn kids so they were all different anyway.

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