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Just a wee update for anyone that's interested.

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hiddenhome Fri 12-Oct-12 20:58:44

There was a CAF this morning at school. ds1 has been referred to CAMHS, the community OT and school are to refer him to an ASD team.

The Head Of Year mainly focused on positive stuff about ds1, but when we read his end of year report (that he lost in July), it was full of stuff about lack of concentration, messiness, lack of focus etc. that his teachers have noticed. The HOY refused to believe that he'd lost it as he said they come in large envelopes - ds1 left his in the IT room. I sincerely hope school aren't going to play down his problems again sad What the hell is it with these places? Are they terrified they get too many SEN kids on their books or something? hmm

We've been referred to a consultant led team in CAMHS, so, hopefully, won't be fobbed off by the goons on the door mental health workers this time hmm Hopefully, the paed might have enough brain cells to actually be able to assess him, but I'm not hopeful as none of them seem to be very switched on these days.

We shall see.

mariamma Fri 12-Oct-12 21:18:46

Knowing who gets on the VIP list is useful in getting past bouncers. Mind you, a simple queue and one-out-one-in might be clearer and fairer than the current charade...

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