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Have come to conclusion main-stream is failing my ds what should I do?

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supermum98 Fri 12-Oct-12 06:51:23

We are ok on the therapy side as we have outreach from our primary special school weekly OT and physio input. On the academic side, literacy and numeracy interventions have been disappointing. But mainly access to the curriculum is poor, have asked for communication up front about what topics are going to be covered so i can do pre-learning and over-learning, it's not happening. He needs enlarged print, it happens spordically. Three professionals have recommended mind-maps and cloze worksheets, three lots of training have gone in over last two years to train in software to deliver this
and few sporadic mind-maps not using the software, so few mind-maps are incomprehensive and hand-drawn so he can't really read them well as he has a visual impairment. Few cloze sheets being used. Needs typed notes, as can't read TA's writing, but they won't take the laptop into lessons. PP supporter said in meeting with Senco, that professionals can go in and make recommendations but school doesn't have to act on them-helpful hey? Not appropriate special schools in the area, I feel depressed and stuck with it. Local PD resource may be better, but long taxi drive away if we were lucky enough to be able to move him and can't move because of husbands job. Other main-streams may be option, but not confident it will b better and he is happy and settled socially. Stuggling with load of filling in at home, without good resource support from school, seems to be worse this year than last.
I think it is a big lie that main-stream works for kids with complex needs, it's under-resourced but a lot is wasted, there is no accountability, nobody sitting on Senco to deliver, therapists tread on egg shells around school and at transition review all powerful and gr8 of the county assured me the school could meet his needs- I feel that I have been conned, or lied to or they simply just don't understand the issues themselves. Have considered home-ed but I don't think it would work for us. What can I do? I haven't been to Head yet, but what else can I do? He is in yr 9 sorry for long e-mail, feel ground down and low.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 12-Oct-12 08:09:06

My DS is in a special school, not because he can't be supported in mainstream, but because he wouldn't be.

Have you looked at independents?

boredandrestless Fri 12-Oct-12 12:41:22

I would look at what other options you have locally.

supermum98 Sat 13-Oct-12 01:06:58

Special schools not option locally. Had him in special school until 8 and he is too able really for Special school and not able enough for main-stream.

Can't afford independent so feel have to slug it out with what we have got.
Just dreading another bloody battle. Thanks for posts

MsNg Sat 13-Oct-12 08:00:00

If the independent can meet you DS's needs and their offering can't, it's possible - a battle but possible - to get the LA to name the independent on the statement and pay for it. It is worth finding out if there's one that would work locally. Sorry you're having such a rough time with this, it's often just a dirty fight.

hoxtonbabe Sat 13-Oct-12 09:40:23

OP, I really do feel for you. My son is similar in that he is not special school level, but not mainstream either which only then really leaves us with an independent or specialist type school which the LEA's do not like paying for so you have this big battle on your hands :-(

I find it ever so odd that we go through all this trauma of getting statements for our children only for the schools to be able to say we are not going to bother do it, and there is no penalty. The LA have the responsibility but unless the LA get in a huge wrangle with the school (which they don't) then schools simply keep getting away with this, in my sons case as he goes to a faith school they are even more a law to themselves and my LEA can not force the school to do anything?!?

Not to hijack thread: Starlight, What do you mean he wouldnt be supported in mainstream? The schools actually said they would not?

2tirednot2fight Sat 13-Oct-12 11:25:47

Super mum, would the failure to provide services to your child which he needs not fall into disability discrimination? The law has changed since September and schools now have a duty to provide auxiliary equipment and services. They are clearly not making reasonable adjustments, perhaps it would be worth looking at the disability discrimination stuff on the sendist website, ipsea also have info on their web page. Our children have a right to reasonable adjustment and the possible change of culture in schools won't be achieved if children are moved to special schools rather than the schools be expected to fulfill their legal and moral obligations although I understand how hard this can be to achieve. Good luck

whatthewhatthebleep Sat 13-Oct-12 12:08:51

It always seems to come down to the accountability....we fight and battle and achieve the needs on paper statements but then it falls/fails to be delivered in reality.
It's incredibly frustrating and then nobody will take the responsibility for the failures to provide.
I have been going through this ridiculous system (which doesn't work) all of my DS's primary years.....
Now seeking a specialist school placement and hoping this will rescue my DS from a life of failure and no future.
In your position, I would be drawing from legislation, discrimination, GIRFEC, Human rights, the lot, drawing up a document which addresses all the needs and sending it to every one of them for response....including LA and MP, etc...demanding resolutions and action to deliver appropriately...wherever that might be for your DC. Propose your own solutions and expect results from them.
Take it to an Ed Law representative and get their support too.
All of these people, agencies, Camhs, etc have a duty of care to your DC....if it isn't happening, you have got to call them out on it in the strongest possible way.....don't give up xxx

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