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excluded after less than 2wks

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rachel19720 Thu 11-Oct-12 18:29:08

Hi everyone

My son has been excluded by head after less than two weeks in reception, for agressive behaviour, he has a statement and spd which they were not really taking seriously. And the dept are doing nothing to get him back to school, the head says its not the right school for him. she had complaints from other parents. As he has just turned 5 the dept seem to think he doesnt need to be in school til jan. which i dont agree with. Anyone got any advice or know if this is what the dept does with the first term.

post in SEN but not much response. so far

babiki Thu 11-Oct-12 19:08:08

Sorry don't have experience just bumping and good luck, must be awful

bochead Thu 11-Oct-12 19:19:36

This is the type of thing my son's old HT had form for.

The IPSEA website is brilliant for this situation, just take a deep breath, click on this link and follow the relevant instructions for your situtation

Model letters et all are provided via that link, I can't give more advice than this, as you don't say how long the exclusion is for & legally this makes a crucial difference to your rights. If you want to call them 7pm seems to be a good time to attempt to get through.

Once you've followed those if you still receive no joy and are unhappy then write formally to the education authority asking for an urgent statement review meeting to chnage part 4 of your son's statement, listing this exclusion as clear evidence of this school's inability to meet your child's needs and give him access to the National Curriculum. Go to the meeting armed with details of the most expensive private independant provision within an hour's journey of your home (at this stage you are naturally assuming LA will lay on transport of course!!!!). You can also demand full time in-home tuition until a place becomes available OR he is allowed to return with the appropriate support and training in place at his current school.

Please don't be upset by this. You are not the first person this has happened to by a long shot and when you think about it rationally, it really doesn't say much for the quality of a school and it's teaching staff if they cannot keep a four year old under control does it?

If you are forced to change school then you may well look back on this period and realise what a narrow escape from potentially 7 years of hell for your child, & non-stop aggro for you; your family has had (see thread on Ofstead to see what I mean).

marjproops Fri 12-Oct-12 19:38:08

I wish schools would recognise that Sn kids are not thugs/badly bought up/parents fault kids. Ive had the same.

There was a truly 'normal' badly behaved boy, ALWAYS outside heads office(I used to work there at the school) yet never excluded. this really WAS a naturally badly behaved bully. My DC with severe SNs had 6 exclusions, I felt making her out to be a bloody mitchell or kray or something. maybe i was being over sensitive and judgemental of the other child but still....these things stay on the childs record.

change school, but let them know your DC is NOT expelled, that you are saddened that a school that accepted your child cannot seem to help them, or something like that. I know as a teacher that some schools are better equipped than others for but its still hurtful when your child is stigmatised like this. I know from experience.

dont know if Ive made sense here, hope Ive worded this well.

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