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my crazy mind !

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thriftychic Thu 11-Oct-12 16:13:42

i would like to stop over thinking things , i drive myself crazy!

just been to an appointment with the psychiatrist at camhs. we have been under camhs for 2 years since ds2 found he couldnt cope with the transition to high school.

a teacher there having known ds2 for only a few weeks suggested rather flippantly that he might have aspergers . it was the first id ever heard of it, but it led to camhs doing ados to rule it out which they did.

unfortunately his behaviour for us hasnt improved and the worker we had at camhs was useless. i ended up asking to move to someone else which we did . the new one is much better and arranged for ds2 to see a different psych for a second opnion re asd. ds2 saw him last week and myself and dp have jsut been to see him on our own.

he said ds2 displayed some signs of asd and he has just asked us a million questions which i found very hard to answer . things like 'does he like routine' ? well he does in some aspects and couldnt care less in others etc. he had no eye contact with the doctor but he has with us . maybe hes just embarassed? well i know hes embarassed , we had just explained how hed smashed up the house etc.

All i want is the truth , be it asd or be it just that ive spoilt ds2 or he has a self esteem problem or whatever it is i just want the real 100% correct answer.

i am scared that we will either get no asd diagnosis when he is asd or he'll get labelled asd and its not . that because we have read up on asd and looked for it i might give the wrong answers. He is going to speak to school next. here again , the first school suggested aspergers , the school ds2 moved to after that dont see a problem except lack of effort.

is it likely ? has anyone been diagnosed asd and it turns out not to be right ?

i am over the moon though that someone is finally actually doing something !! i could woop for joy in that respect smile

please give me your words of wisdom!

Ineedalife Thu 11-Oct-12 17:09:02

I havent really got any advice for you but just wanted to say, it is very unlikely that he would be given a diagnosis unless the psychiatrist is certain that it is asd.

The whole process is agonising isnt it, especially when your child is aware of what is going on.

Sorry you are having to go through this but hopefully you are heading in the right direction now

Good lucksmile

thriftychic Thu 11-Oct-12 18:44:37

thanks ineedalife (i do too ;))

i am finding myself testing him now, dp was sure that ds2 cant have a 2 way conversation and told the doctor that.
i have just tried , we were talking about funny names , i said i once knew someone with a funnier name that he had just said , he asked me 'what was it' ? thats a 2 way converation isnt it ?
but dp said his bit and TICK went the box

when ds2 saw the doctor he had had a massive meltdown the night / morning before.

i just want to know the truth. i cant understand why when they told me he didnt have asd i could think of all the asd type things he does , now they almost tell me he has asd and i am trying to prove it wrong again.

i think its me that needs a diagnosis of something

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