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How to get restraint training?

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MsNg Thu 11-Oct-12 13:22:29

Just that really. I have another nasty bruise on my leg where DS bit me today and DS probably has similar from the battle to get him into school. Most mornings I have to pick him up round the middle and lug him into school while he hits, kicks and bites me. Today I stood on his leg by accident in the tussle sad It's painful for both of us, but everyone I've asked about how to get training just shugs. How does anyone else manage this?

AgnesDiPesto Thu 11-Oct-12 13:48:01

My LA doesn't do any training for parents and I know a parent who has been asking for 10 years!

Some written info here from BILD.

Challenging behaviour foundation offers training but expensive - although they have some govt funding for free training for schools it seems.

An ABA consultant would also be able to advise on behaviour management

The LA should have a behaviour outreach team but as you have found these usually only want to give 'advice and support' to schools, not hands on training to parents

Team Teach is most common training for professionals I have heard of.

Otherwise I think you would have to say it is an educational need and try and get training for you at home onto a Statement - I have never heard of anyone doing this but I can't see why it is any different than a home ABA programme or a waking day curriculum in residential

We do ABA and they help us with all sorts of behaviour issues at home and this is all funded under DS statement. We don't need to restrain him as his behaviour is so well managed by consistent rules applied at home / in therapy / at school by ABA staff that we never get to this point. If we did not have ABA then we would be exactly where you are. So I would try and find ABA provider. Also start a paper trail of all the requests you have made for support so if you want to pursue ABA you can prove there is no other way of meeting this educational need. Daily living skills is an educational need so this could include for eg getting ready for school, accessing community activities, going to the shops.

AgnesDiPesto Thu 11-Oct-12 14:08:08

oohh spooky. This just popped up on Ambitious about Autism Facebook page
More preventative than restraint though

JJWMummy Thu 11-Oct-12 14:08:43

We had restraint training about 3 yrs ago now, it was funded by us, about £30 then, and resources by CAMHS. It did take us over 18 mths to get it though.

I can't say it has been of that much use to us, as when ds1 blows, he blows and often there's no warning, which means the training is useless as you have to be in hold before he actually blows for it to be successful. He's now 13 yrs and 5 ft 2'' , I'm only 5ft 10'' and don't stand a chance against him anymore. We just roll will the pouches now, quite literally some days sad

MsNg Thu 11-Oct-12 14:37:22

Thanks Agnes, the cost of childcare and train fares to get to something like that would be a bit steep but not impossible. I know that most of it is because school is going wrong and it will be a lot better once that's put right - probably better to put money and energy into getting him into the right setting so we can work more constuctively to prevent the violence. I can just rely on being bigger and stronger than DS for a couple more years. I need to do a much better job of logging everything instead of looking for sticking plasters.

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