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Review tomorrow.

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pinkandsparklytoo Wed 10-Oct-12 22:37:09

Last week I received a letter from my sons school inviting me to a review tomorrow. It mentioned him being on the SEN register which no one had told me (I guessed he might be as he saw the Ed Psych at the beginning of this year). He has been excluded (i.e sent home from school for the rest of the day) four times this year, three of which with a covering letter. He is 5 and in year 1. I started a thread about the second of these a few weeks ago here With regards to the review tomorrow, I am not sure what sort of things it will cover and what I need to be prepared for. Can anyone help?

Veritate Thu 11-Oct-12 13:54:57

Sorry, this probably comes too late for the review. The fact that they are calling it at such short notice suggests that they have quite serious concerns, and in fact if they are excluding a 5 year old that often they really should be concerned. I hope that they will be proposing getting some extra help and/or arranging assessments.

pinkandsparklytoo Thu 11-Oct-12 17:20:29

It was just to go over the IEP they have in place for him this term.

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