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Tips for dealing with Ed Psychologist and senco in nursery/pre-school child

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kyz1981 Wed 10-Oct-12 14:35:16

Hi my son who is 2 is awaiting CDC assessment for suspected ASD/Social Comm disorder.

We are attending earlybird along with his nursery in Jan.

He has senco coming in a few weeks.

His Pead filled out a form and now an Ed Psychologist is coming to see him in nursery I am not really sure why as she did not really tell me much, but basically told me on the phone that it may be a come back in 6 months thing.

I got the feeling that she is expecting to see a little boy who lashes out and gets angry/upset all the time, My son is not like that at all, he tolerates other children really well and will allow them to play next to him, he does not respond to his name a lot of the time and won't follow instructions unless he wants something within them, he is very active craves movement touch until something catches his attention most often trains,bricks or peg puzzles and can then sit for along time and get upset if anyone interferes with his play.

Because he is so easy in one respect you can just leave him to it and he will occupy himself for hours, I am worried that we will get fobbed off, I just don't trust the LA one bit and already feel they have me down as an over anxious parent who is seeing things, I would just like to know what sort of help they can give him at this age and what things I should be pushing for making a point of highlighting as I have no idea of what they can do or put in place at this age and some good tips on dealing with professionals as I hate these appointments as I always end up feeling its my fault, I am asking for/expecting too much/ he is just a baby etc .. any tips and advice are very very gratefully received.

( I have videoed a lot of his behaviour but feel this may do more harm if I start waving a laptop in there face smile )

ilikemysleep Thu 11-Oct-12 13:54:01

Why not phone or email to ask her again what she intends doing? She won't mind. tell her you are worried that he will get misse because he doesn't have challenging behaviour.

If he is just 2 and has a load of appointments coming up it probably will be that she is coming to see who he is and perhaps give the setting a few suggestions at this stage. I assume the picture will be much clearer in terms of education etc after Jan? So maybe you can ask her to set a multiagency meeting date in, say, Feb when everyone can get together and make a plan?

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