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Children with health anxiety?

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DrWhoExterminatesMyBrain Wed 10-Oct-12 10:03:48

Sorry for second thread but after last night im really needing to hear if anyone else has this issue with their children.

Ds has what appears to be high anxiety over health issues, little background - he hates being ill and appears VERY melodramatic over the slightest thing, if he has a tummy ache (usually needs a poo but hates going) he will be doubled over and crying out even if we are walking down street or in a shop. If he has a bit of dead skin sticking up or a raggy nail he will make a big issue of it and act like hes terrified until i fix it, if he is eating and it gets a little caught in his throat he will start gagging and spitting everywhere and hes always been afraid of coughing and goes through periods of constantly trying to clear his throat.

So last night he woke in middle of night with phlegm in his throat got a cold coming on. He woke SCREAMING hysterically came charging out his room into bathroom coughing and trying to spit everywhere. I ran through to him and he flung himself at me for a cuddle (he never usually cuddles me properly) he was obviously terrified i was rubbing his back and telling him it was ok and he was fine etc then he was like a wild animal running around the house, jumping up and down while screaming he tried to punch me, he needed a pee and i tried to get him on the toilet but he wouldnt so stood at toilet to pee and then started jumping and flailing again, pee went everywhere including me!. eventually got him down the stairs because he was scaring his little brother who was physically shaking, once downstairs he was running lenghts of the room, jumping about screaming at me to help him, make it go away he refused water kept knocking it away. I went and got him some medicine and he manged to sip it, this convinced him his throat wasnt blocked and he calmed down enough to go back to bed. I have NEVER seen him like that before it lasted about 20 minutes i didnt know what to do and im dreading tonight, has anyone else been through this? how do i stop him being so scared of what is essentially nothing?

DrWhoExterminatesMyBrain Fri 12-Oct-12 13:03:47

just a one off bump to check if anyone else who has experaince of this might has missed it, today ds has been constantly talking about a tiny tiny little bit of grazed skin on his finger (millimeters in size) acting like his fingers going to fall off!

Selks Fri 12-Oct-12 13:13:27

How old is he? I really recommend this book - Helping your anxious child

cornsconkers Fri 12-Oct-12 13:14:10

could it be linked to sensory processing difficulties?

DrWhoExterminatesMyBrain Fri 12-Oct-12 13:18:00

he is 6, yes he is a sensory seeker and has other few other strange issues, we are awaiting referall to i think CAHMS but apparently its a long wait. I just dont understand where the high anxiety comes from, when he was a toddler he didnt bother about pain at all would fall and hurt himself and laugh! until about age 4 then he was suddenly afraid of being hurt

Ineedalife Fri 12-Oct-12 14:16:53

Yep, Dr Dd3 can be like this.

Not to the same extreme as your Ds but she will roll around on the floor in agony over a broken nail!

She continually has something wrong with her. It is often anxiety related and she will go through a whole list of symptoms if she is upset about something at school.

She does have hypermobile joints so I am not sure if she gets pain in her joints and I know just staying upright is hard work for her.

It is very wearing though and I do worry what would happen if she was really ill or broke a bone or something.

You might get some help from an Occupational Therapist if he is sensory seeking but you might have to go private.

Dd3 was assessed as having sensory issues by OT but discharged because she wasnt bad enough!

You re not alonesmile

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