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jussi Wed 10-Oct-12 07:39:49

I would like opinions as to whether I am being pedantic or whether I should be bringing this up(bit late as I already have).
DS (5) yr 1 has iep and for literacy states should be learning 15 hf words from reception. I spoke to the teacher to check he was also learning individual sounds and I was glad she said yes.i asked for the list of the 15 words they were focussing on and she said she would get them for me.i asked the LSA the other day and said the teacher was in a meeting. I thought surely she should know them so asked and she said they are not focussing on the hf words yet as still doing sounds and letters.
1) DS knows enough sounds to be able to read basic cvc words.
2) DS also learns some words by sight.
3) the thing that has got me the most is that they were going to give me a list of words that they are not even learning!
4) his Iep states to learn 15hf words so they are not actually working to the iep

jussi Wed 10-Oct-12 07:44:45

Sorry,hadn't finished!
What is the point of having an Iep if they are not working from it.
I must add that I a
Generally really happy with them and my son is progressing-especially with his writing but his reading is my main concern,hence focussing on that.
I'm wondering whether I should just leave it as he is doing well or whether I should make a point of them not working to the Iep.but then he does need sound work too and this isn't even on it.
Am I making a mountain of a mole hill?

starfishmummy Wed 10-Oct-12 09:01:04

I think your first step would be to just ask the teacher why they are not working ion the IEP and see what they say.
Then you can start questioning whether it was an appropriate IEP in the first place and whether they should write a new one instead.

TICKLETUMBLE Wed 10-Oct-12 09:45:55

From my own experience its best to sit down with the teacher (and SENCO??) to cover what the IEP needs to achieve and how that will be delivered and measured so that the teacher can build this into what the class are doing and/or organise for a TA to support an area specifically which is not quite what the class are doing.
There may be a good reason why the work being given is not what is stated in the IEP and the IEP just needs to be updated?

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