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Undiagnosed teenagers with Aspergers

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jugiohelp Tue 09-Oct-12 23:33:09

Can I ask how parents cope with their offspring at University who are clearly on the spectrum but have never had a diagnosis due to being HF and able academically and having specific creative talents but struggling in day to day life .
What are the advantages of having a diagnosis. We just want to support DC who is struggling and being labelled with mental health issues with clear AS difficulties which were touched on in school, hyppemobility, dyspraxia huge sensory issues and anxiety . Always struggled to have friends and never been succesful. Advice appreciated also useful organisations, websites and clear diagnostic routes that could support DC support himself.
On a personal note how do Mums cope it's hard when they hit a point when you have no say as verging on adulthood. Probably posted in the wrong place sorry

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