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Aaargh good grief!!!

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badgerparade Tue 09-Oct-12 20:24:48

Ds has acute anxiety and low self-esteem but also speaks his mind. He now has full time support in place as school refused to have him there without it. He has had several lessons recently with the TA absent or only there for part of the time. It happened again today so he asked the teacher if he could go and find his TA and she said 'you're not allowed to walk around school on your own' which he said made him feel really bad. He then replied 'yes, but I'm meant to have a TA too!' Teacher told him to sit down and eventually his support arrived.
Am getting a bit cheesed off now as virtually every upset this year has been down to an adult in school saying something inappropriate causing him to get upset and getting into trouble. Have raised previous issues with school who have taken offence and defended the staff as 'having an off day' or whatever.

cansu Tue 09-Oct-12 21:09:59

I would focus on whether there is an issue with the TA being away or late on a regular basis rather than on the comment that he isn't allowed to walk around on his own. This is probably quite true and whilst your ds disliked the comment, it wold not really have been a good idea for the teacher to allow him to go looking for his TA unaccompanied. Dd who has full time 1:1 sometimes has to wait sometimes for TA to arrive from elsewhere. I think it is probably quite common and unless it happens constantly or your ds is unable to function at all without his TA, then it is not a massive issue.

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