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OT to finally assess - need some pointers please

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frizzcat Tue 09-Oct-12 12:58:43

I've had a previous assessment for ds8 ASD. The assessment focused on gross and fine motor skills - as I thought he didn't meet criteria for either of these areas.
What they didn't mention and what I now know was they dealt with sensory issues - had I have known I would shouted NOISE!!!.
Ds has no filter for noise which leads to concentration issues and sensitivity. After 6mths of phone calls and general harrassment they've agreed to go into the school and assess his noise sensory issues - with a view to putting him on the Theraputic listening programme. Woohoo
Now, we know it won't be as easy as that and they'll try and give some arse-faced strategies to cope and save money. Which tbh I've done anyway and haven't worked. I'm well aware that it may not work for him but it's worth a go and by God my boy deserves a try at least.
What I need from you lovelies is have any of you jumped the OT rings of fire in this area? What language have you used - the school are fully backing me and will do all the can to present the worse case senario during the assessment - any little nuggets? And yes this is slightly under hand but we've had sweet FA from the NHS and I'm not asking for the world just some help

porridgelover Tue 09-Oct-12 13:29:50

This is information on sensory processing and what it is. There is a sensory processing checklist on that link and it might be useful to print it, complete it, (copy it) and give it to the OT.

Just to warn you, not all OT's are qualified in assessing or treating Sensory's training that is usually done in depth post-graduate. That is not to say that they should not be aware of it and have some idea of the questions to ask. EDIT: just re-read your OP and see they are proposing Therapeutic they should have a good awareness of the issues. This is the site of the OT who developed Thx Listening.

Did you see the BBC Growing Children programme on Autism...Laverne Antrobus did go into the sensory aspects of ASD a bit.
I will PM you about this if thats ok.

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