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Reduced timetable and building evidence for ss, please help I feel like I am too naive

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used2bthin Mon 08-Oct-12 19:57:56

DD1 aged 6 has not been coping well with year one and I have spoken with the local ss and our current senco and someone in LEA as welll as statementing officer about possibly moving to ss or at least spending more time there.

Today her teacher called me in-she had hit her one to one TA and spat at people, repeatedly slammed doors etc etc basically had a couple of hours of dd1 at her worst (I had similar yesterday after a very overwhelming swimming lesson so it seems to happen when something has become too much for her).

We talked about a reduced timetable, I also went to see the senco and again we talked about this as she struggles on certain afternoons.

My concerns with this are :
A- i HAVE A FAIRLY NEW BABY WHO dd1 IS VERY AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS when she is in the wrong mood.

B- how would this affect our case for a ss placement if dd1 then isn't at school for her most difficult to manage behaviour?

used2bthin Mon 08-Oct-12 20:29:57

Sorry for random caps,also not a swimming lesson it was a normal swim session with me and DH and baby but it was just verybusy, bright and noisy, all the things that send dd1 into a frenzy.

cansu Mon 08-Oct-12 20:37:30

Personally I would not go down this road. The fact that this has been suggested implies that your feeling that she needs ss are justified. If she struggles with certain afternoons can the TA do something different with your dd rather than follow the regular schedule? Dd who is also in mainstream with support is sometimes taken off to do other things if she is having a bad day or the activity is not suitable for her. I would much prefer this than have school start to think that sending her home was the preferred option. Also you need to think about your own sanity. Having your dd at home whilst you are caring for your new baby doesn't sound like the right thing for your family harmony!

cansu Mon 08-Oct-12 20:39:39

If you are feeling pressured or guilty about her behaviour at school, please take a deep breath and repress this feeling! If the school feel she needs to be in ss more of the time then they will press harder for this if she is in school rather than when you are taking her home for the afternoons.

used2bthin Mon 08-Oct-12 20:54:19

Thanks yesI thought it may just paper over the cracks. She is being taken off too, I think they are still getting to know her too but also that she will need ss eventually.

I need to talk to them again about this, the class teacher did say she felt it unfair to me if I had to have dd off in the afternoons, I suppose the only way would be if it was temporary but I wouldn't want to jepordise our chances of a split place with ss.

I feel bad about it but more that dd is struggling iyswim, she looked pale when I picked her up and had more colour in her once she'd calmed down, I hate the thought of her being so stressed sad

badgerparade Mon 08-Oct-12 21:16:07

You shouldn't be collecting her - this is an illegal exclusion. They need to officially exclude her in writing for this to be legal. I agreed to this kind of thing 'temporarily' for ds and it went on for almost a year. If you refuse to collect her then school will have to put in extra support or request extra resources from the LA.

Lougle Mon 08-Oct-12 22:12:05

Absolutely not on your nelly!

If they can't cope with your DD in school for the whole school day, they need to officially exclude her.

Bear in mind that a lunchtime exclusion is counted as half a day, also, even if she is returned to school after lunch.

The evidence that needs to be built is official exclusions. Not a nice cosy setup for the school that they can wind your DD up and let her go!

Veritate Mon 08-Oct-12 22:18:37

I'm guessing your daughter has a statement if she has a 1:1? The suggestion of reduced hours is a clear admission that the school can't cope and they should either be fully supporting your application for a move or demanding more funding to provide her with adequate support. I agree with other people, I wouldn't agree to a reduced timetable if I were you, because she is entitled to full time education, and if you force the school to try to cope they will be all the keener to support a move. If for any reason you decided you had to agree, you should ask the school and LA what they propose to do by way of, e.g., home tuition to ensure she gets full time education and all the support she is entitled to.

AgnesDiPesto Mon 08-Oct-12 22:30:41

Agree do not cave in.

The LA can call an emergency review

The LA can arrange an emergency placement at SS even while she is being assessed to see if suitable

The LA / school can put in extra staff eg 1:1 so she can go to a quiet area in school

The LA can send in outreach staff who specialise in behaviour and set up a behaviour plan / train staff

The LA can pay for home tuition for the afternoons if she needs 'education otherwise than in a school' for part of the day (this is a valid form of education under Education Act)

The LA disabled childrens team (social services) can pay you direct payments to provide childcare for the afternoons.

If school ring and say she is ill you can tell them to take her to the GP / A&E.

School should ask LA for an emergency review / support you in a transfer not put pressure on you. Next time they complain about her behaviour tell them to ring the SEN officer and tell them. If School tell LA they cannot manage her behaviour it is negligent for the LA to leave her there with staff who do not have the right training. There was a case last year where a teacher sued the LA for not providing training and she ended up being injured by a child with ASD. The teacher won.

Read up the SEN Code of Practice.

used2bthin Tue 09-Oct-12 10:15:49

Thank you all. As tempting as it is I won't get her early. Especially hearing from badger's eperience it could go on and I can totally see how that would then give the wrong message re support if she then appeared to cope when she was there.

Panel is this morning to decide on increase to 30 hours and discuss phased move to ss. So far noone seems to be blocking ths, statementing officer, admissions person in LA, ss head and current school all seem supportive of current school and ss working out a plan for now to have dd over at ss part of the week with a view to a full move next sept but am I being naive thinking it could go ahead smoothly?

Thank you all for such informative posts. Agnes I am very interested in the other options and realistically can't have DD1 at home more atm as she wouldn't have one to one and hurts the baby. Also not fair educationally. I have been trying to get help with her behaviour myself so it would be madness to up the pressure.

Teacher said today she is logging everything and they are thinking of ways to support her and I mustn't feel that its my responsibility when she is there. I am having a quiet day today feel shattered by all of this!

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