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Placement dilemma

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needaschool Sun 07-Oct-12 10:42:26

Ds has very complex needs including a relatively rare disorder and acute anxiety. There is very little experience in the county of the condition and no schools have dealt with any children with his difficulties. He has had problems at every school he's attended and we now have to decide on a placement for secondary. Small class sizes would be best but the local ms is totally unsuitable. The Senco said that there were small classes for the lower ability children but this would not be appropriate as he is at a high level in most subjects. I have been advised that a unit in ms may be an option but that as the statement hours get removed a personal package would have to be created to enable full time support when he is in the ms part of school. Also,all staff would have to be trained to understand his needs. He needs a significantly differentiated curriculum with lots of social skills training and I can't see how ms even with a unit will be able to provide this adequately.
I have found an out of county school that specialises in complex needs including the disorder that he has and several children with the same condition attend. Tribunal will obviously be needed but could the LA argue that we have to give their placement a chance or not?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 07-Oct-12 13:20:43

They coukd try, but if you've proof that it wouldn't work then they wouldn't win.

needaschool Sun 07-Oct-12 13:55:56

They expect to have more children in the future with his condition so school thinks that they will put lots of resources in and make him a kind of 'test case' so they can see what works best confused. I think it would be better that he has expert support straight away rather than muddling along and managing on a trial and error basis.

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