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Dyslexia - SEN

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SuzysZoo Fri 05-Oct-12 13:43:32

I think my son might be dyslexic, but I would guess not severely so. He reads ok (but swaps words), but spelling is a problem. He's 9 (nearly 10). Is this something that could justify a SEN? I don't understand the regulations/terminology. If I push the school to diagnose the dyslexia, is there any point? They are helping him with the spelling anyway, I think. Thanks in advance for assistance!

Davros Fri 05-Oct-12 15:27:23

School can't and won't diagnose Dyslexia, they are not qualified. They can request an assessment from local authority Educational Psychologist if it is a State school. You might be able to request the EP visit direct but probably best to involve the school. You should ask to see the SenCo at school.

SallyBear Fri 05-Oct-12 15:58:21

We are going through this next week. After years of pushing, we are finally getting an EP to assess him next week. He is in Yr8. We had several people over the years saying things like "he needs a pc program to help him" or "he missed chunks of phonics". It took a new school and me throwing my toys out of the pram for something to be done. If you're concerned, get him assessed. Don't be like us, struggling.

Delalakis Fri 05-Oct-12 17:55:13

It's really quite difficult to get a statement for dyslexia, especially in primary school. LAs tend to have rule of thumb criteria saying the child's reading age should be at least 4 years behind their actual age, though that might be reduced if there are other problems such as dyspraxia, very low self-confidence or behaviour difficulties.

You should first discuss it with the school anyway, to see if they have put him on the SEN register or would be prepared to do that. In my experience to be honest it's of limited help but at least it puts him on their radar and they should be prepared to put in a bit of extra support for him.

You can of course always get private assessments done but that is quite expensive. Your local branch of the Dyslexia Association might be able to help - have a look at their website.

SuzysZoo Fri 05-Oct-12 21:17:08

Thank you to all who have replied. I think I will ask to see the SENco and ask if he can be assessed. I think his reading may be above average, but as I said it's spelling that is the problem...........

Minnieyumi Fri 05-Oct-12 23:24:08

Hello Everyone u

Seeking help and also Mums and Dads who have the same issues with Dyslexia.
I have noticed with my Son (10) Y5 that something wasnt right right in his early years in school. I have requested Assesment and Reviews in the end of Y2. All he got was a little one to one session once a week. I have changed school as I was not very happy with them at all. Very poor learning standards. The School he is in now trying to accommodate and help me in all my concerns I have about my son. After 4 years of fighting, he finally have seen a EdPsych. She graded him dyslexia in auditive and visionar. Although he have good basic knowledge of phonics. He have a medical story with epilepsy and taken meds for 2 years for it. He has slow reaction times too. The School intensifying his reading up until january where he will get tested again by another Edpsych and then get statemented there and then if he doesnt progress in his reading. I have had eyes and ears tested both came back fine. I just would like to know how i can help him with at home. Once he is statemented would I get more help? So many questions. I have had a look about schools wo assist with dyslexia but most of them are private sad especially in kent. Also he is billingual too. Not that it makes alot of difference.
his reading level is 2c at the moment
writing the same
my son got a very short attention span too. please let me know your views I am happy with any recommendations advice etc xoxox Thanks for reading my post x smile

Veritate Sat 06-Oct-12 00:46:54

Minnieyumi, your best bet is probably to go the Dyslexia Association website and also get in touch with your local branch of the DA. With luck they will have a befriender whose function is amongst other matters to help parents with the statementing process.

Whether you get more help out by getting a statement really depends very much on what is in the statement, particularly part 3 which sets out the support that you can expect. You really need to try to push the LA into ensuring that it is reasonably specific and structured, and that it has the type of support which is classically seen as helpful for dyslexia - e.g. a very structured teaching process, lots of overlearning, maybe the provision of a laptop with training in touch-typing, maybe the use of different coloured fonts and non-white paper (some dyslexics find it easier to read from cream or coloured paper), making sure the teacher gives your child typed up notes rather than expecting her to write them for herself, etc etc. But the LA won't put anything into statement that the ed psych doesn't recommend, so you need to try to persuade him or her to be reasonably detailed in the report.

Minnieyumi Sat 06-Oct-12 11:15:24

Veritate , thank you for you comments and i will keep that in mind. I wont see the Edpsych again. There only see your child once and not again, next time around, he will be seen by someone else. The Report, I will receive at some point. What I have understood from Edpsych, that my son needs assisting and also different approach to learning. Intensivied reading. More Computerwork etc. She did mentioned this in her meeting. If she will put it in the report like this too. I just hope she does. Also he will have extra time with exame and he will have someone to reread the questions asked. The questions will be tailored to his needs. (simplyfied). I wait for the report and already have a meeting setup with Senco. They are forthcoming so far, I cant really complain. I am more worried with secondary school at the moment. As there will be alot of changes coming towards him. This can be quite overwhelming itself.

I will keep you posted with my findings. It will be good for other mums too.


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