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OTs have done it again!

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steelev48 Thu 04-Oct-12 14:54:13


I did a parental-referral for my son to the Children's OT dept as he needs more OT input. He has seen them on and off over the past 6 or 7 years.

The referral was done in June. I had a letter in July stating that it had been accepted and asking me to call in Sept to arrange an appointment for later on in the year. I did this and was told no appointments but I would be called soon to book us in.

I have just come home to a letter from them stating that they have now rejected the referral as my GP is based in a different borough to them (I live on the border of 3 boroughs). They did this last time but at least forwarded it on to the OTs in the same borough as my GP - and then saw him anyway! They haven't done that this time.

So that's 3 months+ that he could have been working his way up a waiting list just wasted. Can they do this (accept then reject it 3 months' later)? To be honest, my other son has seen the OTs in the GPs borough and they are more professional/competent/reliable but I was trying to keep things consistent. The other thing is that the OTs from GP borough cannot visit my son at school whereas the others can. I'm so angry!

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